What are the Best SARMs for Bulking?


Introduction to SARMs for Bulking

Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs have become extremely popular among bodybuilders. SARMs have been proven to be effective at boosting growth and development of muscle. More importantly, SARMs facilitate the growth of lean mass, which is much more desirable than gaining fat. It is not very difficult to gain fat along with some growth in muscles. This can lead to sufficient bulking up but it adds more weight than boosting strength. All bodybuilders who want to bulk up prefer gaining healthy mass instead of fat.

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SARMs available as supplements tend to bind to androgen receptors. They do not work like steroids but mimic some of the effects. SARMs were primarily developed to cure muscle wasting and they have also been used for other purposes such as a remedy for osteoporosis. While they cannot cure osteoporosis, especially if it is chronic, there is sufficient relief from the painful symptoms and discomfort. SARMs are effective at preventing and remedying muscle wasting, which is also known as muscle atrophy. Bodybuilders generally do not have muscle atrophy or muscle wasting. However, it is necessary to prevent muscle wasting if there has to be a sustained gain in mass. Any individual who is unable to retain their muscle mass will fail to bulk up. This is why SARMs have become so popular for bodybuilding, particularly bulking up.

Benefits of SARMs for Bulking

SARMs have a few consequential benefits that lead to bulking. First, SARMs have a positive effect on the natural metabolic rate. SARMs trigger fat burning and hence more energy is available. Enhanced metabolism and burning of fat lead to a substantial increase in strength and endurance, both of which are essential for bulking. SARMs facilitate the growth and development of lean mass. The supplements prevent muscle wasting. So one can retain the developed muscles, gain more lean mass and get rid of unwanted fat. SARMs tend to help the body maximize energy production and its utilization. It is quite possible for people to eat enough as per the requisites of a diet and work out extensively, yet they may not bulk up if the body does not utilize the energy and nutrients. Everyone reaches a plateau when their body does not transform any further. This is when bodybuilders resorted to steroids in the past. Now SARMs can serve the same purpose but in a different and safe way.

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Best SARMs for Bulking

MK 2866 or Ostarine has been proven to be one of the best SARMs for bulking. It is a popular SARM, more flexible than others and it is just as effective for bulking as it is for cutting. Many people plan a bulking and cutting phase while taking Ostarine. The two phases are sequential and there can be a post cycle therapy in between and after accomplishing both objectives. Ostarine can facilitate the development of larger muscles. Many people experience enhanced strength in their muscles but not necessarily any noticeable growth in size. It is possible for muscles to get stronger without gaining any volume. Strength is not simply due to the size of a muscle. It depends on the composition of the muscle mass and how much force people can exert. Muscles that have lot of fat look bigger but they are not stronger than leaner muscles that have no or little fat. Ostarine courses are usually six weeks up to eight weeks.

LGD 4033 or Ligandrol is also an effective SARM for bulking. Bodybuilders can develop refined and well formed muscles. Ligandrol can help you to grow shapely and hence well sculpted muscles. Like other SARMs, Ligandrol will not work overnight or even in a week. There has to be a planned phase. However, this SARM does work faster than others. Ligandrol has the ability to expedite the process of protein synthesis, without hampering the outcome in any way. Enhanced protein synthesis leads to an increase in glycogen storage and blood flow. Both are essential biological processes to boost bulking. Ligandrol also helps muscles to recover faster. Bulking up does exert enormous stress on muscles and they must recover sooner to keep growing.

MK677 or Ibutamoren is an effective SARM for bulking. It increases human growth hormone secretion. HGH plays an important role in the growth and development of tissues and muscles. Ibutamoren is one of the more affordable SARMs, especially when you compare the prices with that of human growth hormone supplements. MK 677 or Ibutamoren will help you to develop bulkier muscles but without fat gain.

Why should you use SARMS for bulking?

Throughout history, people have bulked up by consuming more calories and increasing the weights during training. Consuming more calories should not be seen as simply eating anything that one pleases. There has to be a prioritization of protein rich foods. Consuming a lot of proteins is at the crux of bodybuilding. Protein is the building block of muscles. However, it is also necessary to consume sufficient carbohydrates.

Without healthy carbohydrates in a diet, the protein consumed will not be synthesized and hence there will be no positive impact on muscle growth or development. There should also be sufficient vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber in the diet. The problem of such a diet is that it is expensive. Many people do not have a great natural ability to convert the proteins into muscles. The synthesis is not an identical process in everyone, just as metabolic rates vary.

People respond to diet and exercise in a rather unique way. While there are similarities as to how most people will bulk up when on a protein rich diet and working out with heavier weights, the extent to which one will grow and develop healthy muscles does vary and greatly. Some people have naturally strong muscles. But they may not be able to grow larger muscles that easily. Some people may not be that strong but they can bulk up quickly. Everything from genetics to present state of health, hormones to the exact workout will affect the bulking cycle. The role of hormones is vital and SARMs can influence secretion of the right ones to trigger growth of muscles.

Steroids changed the way people would bulk up in the last century. It is no secret that steroids are now banned for professional bodybuilders and athletes. People still use steroids but they are strongly advised against such supplementation. There is enough evidence to suggest that steroids cause medium to long term health problems. SARMs are an alternative to steroids. While steroids are much more effective than SARMs, they are also far more dangerous. SARMs do not have any of the serious side effects as steroids do. Hence, SARMs have become the default option of many bodybuilders around the world.


The use of SARMs should not and does not replace the need for a healthy diet and effective workout. They are simply supplements that will aid the bulking cycle. SARMs alone will not lead to the desired bulking up if the diet is lacking or the exercise is inadequate. There should be a holistic approach to bulking. It is equally necessary to understand the extent to which one must use any supplement, SARMs or others. The bulking phase should be followed by a post cycle therapy. Else, the gains may not be sustainable.

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