Andarine: All Pro’s & Con’s


What is Andarine

Andarine is a popular selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM. It is made by GTx, Inc. and is also branded as GTx-007. The investigational drug has many names including S-4 or S-40503, Androxolutamide and Acetamidoxolutamide. Andarine pills are used as supplements to remedy muscle wasting. GTx, Inc. is the most well known company making this drug but it is not the only one. A few other pharmaceutical companies also make the drug and sell it as a supplement under different names. S-4 is the most widely used name for the drug and supplement.

History of Andarine

Andarine is an oral medication and supplement. Bicalutamide, a non-steroidal and anti-androgen compound, is the most active ingredient in the pill. Andarine is not a steroid but it is taken by many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. S-40503 was first developed by Kaken Pharmaceuticals, a Japanese company, to cure osteoporosis. Initial trials had showed observable improvement in increasing bone density. Andarine is a significant SARM in this context since it can enhance activity in tissues of both muscles and bones.

Benefits of Andarine

Andarine can increase muscle mass and bone density. In effect, it can enhance strength and endurance. Fitness enthusiasts take the supplement for enhanced performance. Those who suffer from muscle atrophy or muscle wasting and osteoporosis take the pill for its remedying effect. Andarine is not the most potent of all androgenic-anabolic steroids and this is why it is much safer. S-4 has a more targeted approach and does not interfere with hormones unnecessarily. It only interacts with some specific hormones that are involved in the stimulation of tissue growth in muscles.

Andarine targets receptors and cling on to facilitate steady growth of healthy mass and to retain the muscles. It is not a steroid so the purpose or function is not to trigger massive gain in muscles or to bulk up. Steroids taken for bulking up typically work in a very different way and Andarine has a much more limited effect. However, Andarine can help people to gain lean mass, which is more desirable than just bulking up that can be as much unwanted fat as muscles. Andarine can also help with weight loss since it does not contribute to fat gain. Instead, it promotes growth of lean mass which is much healthier. Andarine can help adults who have a fitness routine to be more agile and strong while developing leaner muscles and losing fat.

Andarine assists fat loss. The drug is more androgenic and less anabolic in its effects. The impact on fat is substantial. The drug leads to fat oxidation which is triggered by androgenic hormones. Andarine binds onto several androgenic hormones so the effect on adipose tissues is sufficient enough to trigger loss of fat. The drug does not lead to loss of fat overnight but there is a sustained impact. Combined with growth and development of lean mass, the loss of fat is definitely a significant benefit of the drug.

Andarine also facilitates androgen receptions in bones. Weak bones are partly due to declining density. Osteoporosis is a condition wherein bones lose their natural sturdiness and hence there is an impact on the range of motion, strength and agility. While osteoporosis has other cures, Andarine is used in its treatment due to its effect on bone density. Andarine can prevent muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. The pill and supplement can also reverse muscle atrophy. Osteoporosis is a chronic condition so Andarine may not be able to completely cure it. However, Andarine can provide relief, facilitate better range of motion and also strengthen bones.

There are some benefits of Andarine for healthy people as well. While those who have muscle atrophy and osteoporosis are often recommended to take S-4, healthy people can take the supplement for enhanced muscular and skeletal strength. The investigational drug can heal tissues in bones and muscles. The natural healing process is sped up. Some people may lose mass without having muscle atrophy and this can be checked and reversed with S-4. Andarine can prevent brittleness and inflammation in bones and muscles respectively.

There are two unintended benefits of Andarine. The supplement can increase blood circulation throughout the body and particular to and from the heart. The enhanced blood flow throughout the body helps with faster healing and inflammations can be kept in check. There is an effect on heart functions as well. Enhanced blood circulation can facilitate optimum heart function. However, those who have serious heart conditions or cardiovascular diseases should not take the drug or the supplement without the recommendation or prescription of a doctor.

Andarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!

Side Effects of Andarine

Andarine does not have any serious side effect if the right dosage is ensured. It is absolutely imperative to avoid high dosage. If the dose is increased substantially then there can be an adverse effect on many hormones. Andarine can suppress hormones beyond the point necessary so the dosage is the key to prevent side effects. It is also essential phase the dosage throughout the course. Starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it depending on the tolerance level and the observable changes is the best way to go about taking the drug or as a supplement. The dosage should be reduced if there are some side effects.

It is not uncommon for people to experience some transient effects. Many users feel a bit strange after taking the drug or the supplement for the very first time. Such a sensation may last only a while. If the dose is substantially higher, then the sensation may be stronger and may last longer. Usually, this sensation subsides when the body gets familiar with the drug. This may take one dose. It may take a few days for some people. There is another common side effect many people experience. It is adjustment of vision or sight when moving from light to a darker setting. This is also a transient side effect. It does not last more than a few days. Many people experience this only once or twice at the very beginning of the course.

Ingredients & Dosage of Andarine

The ingredients used in Andarine include S-4 or S-40503. Other ingredients may vary depending on the formula used by the pharmaceutical company manufacturing the drug. You should check the label to know more about the ingredients. The recommended dosage should also be printed on the label.

The standard dosage of Andarine is 50mg to 75mg per day. Adults should not consume more than 100mg of Andarine in twenty four hours. It is best to start at below 50mg and then increase the dosage depending on the experience. It is also necessary to break this dose down to two or three times a day. Most people are recommended to start with around 25mg daily for a fortnight and then 35mg per day for one week, 50mg daily for the fourth week and 60mg per day for the fifth week, eventually leading to the dose of 70mg daily for a period of three to four weeks.

Price of Andarine

The price of Andarine varies depending on the brand you choose. Those that have third party analysis reports cost more.

Customer Reviews of Andarine

Most customers have reported positive changes after taking Andarine. Some people have reported strange sensations and mild vision problems, especially when the dose is increased to 70mg or 75mg. Reducing the dose back to 50mg can prevent such side effects. Andarine stacks great with Ligandrol and Testolone.

Conclusion of Andarine

Andarine is an effective drug. You can use it as a supplement too. However, the brand you choose should be credible as the exact composition of the drug will determine its efficacy and safety.

Andarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!

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