Nugenix Maxx Review- Pro’s & Con’s


Welcome to our Nugenix Maxx review! Before we get into the benefits, side effects and ingredients of this supplement, let’s first discuss what Nugenix Maxx actually is, and how it came to be in the first place. 

Introduction – What is Nugenix Maxx

Nugenix Maxx is a testosterone booster. The ultra-premium supplement boosts free available testosterone and can enhance energy and libido.

The manufacturer claims the supplement does not cause jitters and users do not experience crashing, both of which are common with many other testosterone boosters.

nugenix maxx review

History of Nugenix Maxx

Nugenix Maxx was launched in 2017.

It was the winner of Product Innovation of that year as accorded by GNC.

It has since been one of the bestselling testosterone boosters.

The supplement is manufactured in a facility in the U.S. The facility is registered with the Food and Drug Administration and is audited as per the established good manufacturing practices.

Nugenix Maxx was launched and marketed as a testosterone enhancer for men.

It has since also been advertised as a stimulant to boost libido.

The supplement has six patented and clinical tested ingredients.

The standard pack of Nugenix Maxx has a hundred and twenty capsules.

Benefits of Nugenix Maxx

There are three main benefits of Nugenix Maxx:

  1. The supplement boosts the availability of free testosterone
  2. It enhances energy and boosts libido
  3. It increases strength and hence contributes to the growth of lean mass in muscles

The supplement is popular among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who want increased strength and stamina during resistance training.

The supplement can promote recovery and speed up such phases.

The enhanced availability of testosterone improves healing as well.

Bodybuilders experience less stress due to intense workouts when on this supplement.

According to the manufacturer, Nugenix Maxx is the most advanced and reliable testosterone supplements available right now.

The ingredients are trademarked. The effects are backed by clinical studies.

The recommended dosage has been scientifically determined to assure the expected results.

The supplement aims to help men achieve the pinnacle of male performance.

Those who have low levels of testosterone will experience explosive power.

Those who have healthy levels of free testosterone will experience enhanced strength and stamina.

We don’t recommend this product!

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Nugenix Maxx can help with bulking up for men who have a regular workout routine.

Those who do not work out regularly will not have bulked up muscles but shall experience enhanced energy and boosted libido.

Older men, those who are aged fifty to sixty and above, experience enhanced libido and are capable of better sexual performance as a result.

The supplement is for adult men of all age and is a safe solution to boost testosterone.

Side Effects of Nugenix Maxx

Nugenix Maxx is not meant for minors. Teenagers or adolescents below the age of eighteen should not take this supplement.

The supplement is also not for women. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers must definitely avoid taking this supplement.

There are no serious side effects of Nugenix Maxx for healthy adult males if they adhere to the instructions or dosage.

There is a recommended course of thirty days. Exceeding it is unnecessary unless there is a good reason and the user has experienced no side effects whatsoever.

Nugenix Maxx does cause some changes to secretions of a few hormones and hence anyone with a serious hormonal problem should consult their doctor before taking the supplement.

The product does not interact with general medicines.

Serious medication may impair the effect of the supplement or there can be a serious interaction.

It is best to consult a doctor to know if your present medicines and the supplement will have an adverse effect due to any kind of interaction.

Users should not worry about some strange feelings initially, such as lightheadedness.

Anyone will have some sensations when they start taking a new supplement. These sensations subside as the body gets accustomed to the ingredients.

Ingredients and Dosage of Nugenix Maxx

Four capsules of Nugenix Maxx should be taken at a time every day.

The hundred and twenty capsules in the standard pack lasts thirty days or a month.

This pack has:

  • 150mg of eurycoma longifolia extract
  • 150mg of maca extract
  • 150mg of rhodiola extract
  • 140mg of panax ginseng extract
  • 5mg black pepper extract
  • 10mg of white button mushroom extract
  • 20mcg of Vitamin D (which is almost the entirety of the recommended daily valu
  • 15mg of zinc (which is more than the recommended daily value)

Nugenix Maxx should be taken every morning. The capsules can be taken with some food or without.

The choice of taking the capsules with food may be influenced by the personal experience of a user. Some men may experience a bit of digestive problem or stomach upset.

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Each serving of four capsules of Nugenix Maxx contains:

  • 20mcg of vitamin D or cholecalciferol
  • 15mg of zinc l-monomethionine, 600mg of extract of fenugreek seeds
  • 500mg of purified extract of shailajit
  • 600mg of extract of ashwagandha root
  • 250mg of extract from tribulus alatus berries and other aerial parts
  • 150mg extract of rhodiola root
  • 150mg of extract of eurycoma longifolia root
  • 150mg of extract of maca root
  • 10mg of extract of the fruit body of white button mushroom
  • 140mg of extract of the whole panax ginseng plant
  • 5mg of extract from the black pepper fruit

Nugenic Maxx has gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate and maltodextrin.

All ingredients used in Nugenix Maxx have been tested and clinically studied.

The effectiveness of the ingredients makes the supplement one of the more potent bodybuilding supplements, at least among testosterone boosters.

Price of Nugenix Maxx

The listed price of a pack of a hundred and twenty two capsules of Nugenix Maxx is $169.99.

There are discounts available online bringing down the price to as low as $128.99.

There are multiple stores selling the supplement, including GNC and Amazon.

There is more than one distributor of the product. Some stores have special offers wherein the second pack is available at a discount of fifty percent.

Customer Reviews

Customers have largely endorsed the product.

Bodybuilders have reported positive effects of the supplement, especially during the bulking up phase.

Fitness enthusiasts have reported experiencing more energy and a significant boost to their endurance.

Older men have reported experiencing substantially enhanced libido and that has helped them improve their sex lives.

The supplement does not have much to offer for bodybuilders when they are in a cutting cycle.

The ingredients in the product are not meant to promote fat loss.

However, the availability of more testosterone does impact weight.

Men are unlikely to gain weight in the form of fat while taking this supplement.

Nugenix Maxx has the tendency to suppress some hormones.

Those who have had hormone therapy in the past or anyone who takes serious prescription medicine that already has an effect on some hormones may want to consult their doctor to know for certain that there will be no adverse effects.

It is best to stop taking the supplement if there are serious reactions.

None of the ingredients in the supplement pose any health risk.

There is a fine balance of the ingredients but those who consume zinc supplements or take it in any form should watch out for the recommended daily intake.

There is more zinc in the four capsules of the supplement than what is needed by an average adult male in a day.

Other forms of zinc supplementation should be avoided when taking Nugenix Maxx.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Nugenix Maxx review!

Nugenix Maxx is definitely one of the more expensive testosterone boosters. Hence, users expect better and faster results.

The supplement does work faster and is more effective than some of its competitors but there is still a course that should be completed.

It is unlikely for a user to experience significant gain in muscle mass within a week or a fortnight. It takes three to four weeks for the desired transformation.

Overall, we think Nugenix Maxx is a good product, but there are more affordable testosterone boosters out there that can do an equally good job.

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