Video: Heartbroken Man Sells Jewelry, Mourns Breakup in Worst Way


Going through a breakup can be tough. Realizing how much money you spent on a relationship that didn’t last can add insult to injury. 

One man in China’s Guangdong Province dealt with being dumped in quite a unique way. According to the South China Morning Post, he bought his (now ex-) girlfriend some gold jewelry before they broke up. When she decided to end the relationship, she gave him back the gold. Rather than keep it for himself or for another future girlfriend down the line, decided to head to a local shop to get his money back.  

Surveillance video captured what happened next and has since gone viral. The man walked out of the store and, rather than pocketing the more than $2,000 USD that he got for the bling, he threw the wads of cash in the air and made it rain on the sidewalk.

Bystanders weren’t exactly jumping on the bills flying around and landing on the ground. In fact, they tried to help with picking them up and tried to give them back to him, but he wasn’t having it. His family members even had to show up and stop him from continuing his public tantrum. 

It wasn’t long before the family members stepped even further into the situation and intervened on his behalf. The shop owner said they returned the next day to buy the jewelry back. 

It remains unclear just what the man’s relatives did with the jewelry once they retrieved it. But it’s safe to say heartbreak can make you do some crazy things.

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