Swole AF Labs Review


Ever wondered what SARMs are like over in Europe; or what I like to call “Slightly fancier Murica”? Well keep wondering! Swole AF Research (formally known as Swole AF Labs) may be based in London, UK, however the store is actually based in the states. With so many different SARM retailers on the market, is Swole AF Research worth it? Let’s dive into this mishmash of British tea with a side of apple pie.

🙂 Best for People interested in improving muscle gain, fat loss, or recovery.
💊 Product types SARMs, Peptides, Supplements, Nootropics, and HRT Services
💰 Pricing $19 – $210
🏢 Company https://swoleaflabs.com/

Who are Swole AF Research (Formerly Labs)?

Swole AF Research (I’m just going to refer to them as SAF from now on) used to be called Swole AF Research. The site has a fairly good layout, but as soon as you try to get more information on them, you run into problems. The shipping page has only one line – which just states that shipping takes place within one business day. Thanks SAF.

They claim to supply quality, third party tested SARMs and other products popular with the average gym rat. Unlike other brands like Swiss Chems or Behemoth Labs, SAF boasts that their biggest goal is not high quality products, but high quality customer service.

Best Swole AF Research Products

SAF has a variety of products, but there is a small caveat. If you wish to purchase their supplements, HRT products, or peptides, you’ll need to go to a different site. Admittedly, it is linked very nicely in the site but it’s … odd. Compared to Pure Rawz where everything is laid out effectively and aesthetically, SAF methods just don’t quite cut the mustard.


Swole AF Labs Review

SAF does have pictures on their site showing the testing results by S&N Labs, and these results are good – high 90’s. Whether that is reality is to be seen as there are plenty of Reddit and YouTube videos stating users did not have any results from their products.

SAF Peptides

Swole AF Labs Review

SAF does supply a relatively good range of peptides, not massive like Peptide Sciences, but it’s okay.

  • BPC 157
  • CJC 1295 (w & w/o DAC)
  • HGH Fragment
  • Others & Blends

SAF HRT Services

This isn’t really supplying HRT products – that would be illegal. Thus, they have a partner that you contact to speak to a medical professional to discuss your hormonal situation with.

SAF Nootropics

Swole AF Labs Review

Nootropics are a popular brain supplement that can massively increase brain function, focus, and cognitive ability.

  • Noodept
  • Fladrafinil
  • 9-Me-BC
  • DHMA

SAF Supplements

As another external link, you can get your dose of SAF supplements as well.

  • Pre Workout
  • BCAA’s
  • Turkesterone
  • Multivitamin

Ordering and Shipping

I wish I had something to write here, but this is literally their shipping policy.

Swole AF Labs Review

Pricing Comparison

For pricing, let’s compare 3 very popular products, against two other very quality brands. MK677, Rad140 Testolone and BPC 157 against Swiss Chems and PureRawz.

  Swole AF Research


Swole AF Labs Review

Swiss Chems





pure rawz review

MK677 Capsules $124.99 $89.95 $110.06
Rad140 $129.99 $103.95 $130.18
BPC 157 $89.99 $36.95 $52.66

As you can see, they are not the most cost effective. The way they combat or “justify this” is by having massive buy one get two free specials.

Comparisons and Alternatives Swole AF Research vs PureRawz

PureRawz just destroys them on all fronts. No contest. Pricing, reviews (PureRawz actually has client reviews), site structure, and design. I will also eagerly try to convince you to look at some YouTube and Reddit reviews on Swole AF Research.

Swole AF Research vs Swiss Chems

Again, Swiss Chems totally outdoes Swole AF. Swiss Chems has a much larger range of products, way better pricing, and doesn’t have loads of people saying they’re under or misdosed.

Swole AF Research vs Rats Army

I’m going to side with Rats Army on this one. They’ve improved their UI and UX massively over the past few weeks, and with so many reviews of Swole AF being a bad brand, I would definitely opt for Rats.


Are Swole AF SARMs fake?

Honestly, I am not sure. You’ll have to buy it and have a third party test it. Others claim it is fake, Swole AF claims it’s real.

Does Swole AF stock PCT products?

As far as I can tell, SAF does not stock any of the big players such as Clomid, Nolvadex or Enclomiphene.

How is their pre workout?

If you’re a fan of Michael Bay movies you’ll love the packaging. Ingredients wise, just solid. Nothing to make you go “Oh my God 7 plate deadlift here I come!” but just standard, maybe slightly overpriced in my not so humble opinion.

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