(N-methyl) Cyclazodone Review


Who doesn’t really want to always be at their top performance levels?

All of us aim to have an intense amount of focus and concentration. We all wish to stay productive and fully energized throughout the day.

While an insane amount of practice and personal habits will eventually get you to those top performance levels, science is already working to help you reach these goals by developing and designing nootropics, or ‘smart drugs,’ which certainly enhance brain performance.

Today, we are talking about Cyclazodone, which stimulates the central nervous system and alleviates symptoms of depression while at the same time enhancing cognitive capabilities.

Although there are no pharmacodynamic studies yet, I will make sure to get into the workings of cyclazodone and list the potential benefits along with my final suggestion whether it should be taken or not.

What Is N-Methyl Cyclazodone?

Cyclazodone (1) is a potential central stimulant, also chemically known as 2-(cyclopropyl amino)-5-phenyl-1,3-oxazole-4-one.

The initial patents suggest that n-methyl Cyclazodone is a safer, stronger, and effective stimulant compared to other Cyclopropyl Pemoline derivatives. (Note that Pemoline therapy has been found effective in treating ADHD and narcolepsy).

N-methyl Cyclazodone doesn’t structurally resemble its parent drug Pemoline but with other Pemoline derivatives, such as fenozolone and thozalinone (2).

Patents also claim that n-methyl Cyclazodone has better efficacy than other popular stimulants, such as d-amphetamine, with fewer adverse effects.

N-methyl Cyclazodone was originally developed by the American Cyanamid Company as a therapeutic drug, which could act as an antidepressant, anxiolytic, and performance enhancer.

How Does N-Methyl Cyclazodone Work?

Because the pharmacodynamics of cyclazodone is not known yet, the mechanism of action is a bit unclear.

But assessing the effects of this compound on the body, it can be devised that n-methyl Cyclazodone predominantly works as a dopaminergic nootropic (3).

It acts as an agonist of the TAAR1-receptor, which eventually regulates/increases dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline levels in the synaptic cleft (space between two neurons where chemical communication occurs).

Benefits Of N-Methyl Cyclazodone

N-methyl Cyclazodone was originally developed as a central nervous stimulant. It possesses considerable potency in alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The antidepressant and anxiolytic effects of cyclazodone are well pronounced, and for that reason, it has also been compared to drugs like dextro-amphetamine. But what separates the former from the latter is efficacy, potency, and half-life.

Because Cyclazodone triggers the release of critical neurotransmitters, it greatly enhances cognitive capabilities (4) and causes a surge in overall energy levels (euphoria).

Cyclazodone also demonstrates anorexic effects. In other words, it suppresses your appetite but not really below the dangerous levels.

The nootropic effects of the compound come in the shape of better mental clarity, improved mental focus, concentration, and renewed mood and energy. It keeps you in the moment to effectively work all the time .

It is worth mentioning that some users also report an upregulation in feelings like empathy. It enhances your social interactions.

This potent nootropic also seems to bring more verbal fluency in the individuals.

Although unclear, some evidence also suggests an improvement in memory and retention power of individuals after cycling themselves with n-methyl cyclazodone.

Is N-Methyl Cyclazodone Legal?

It kind of lies in a gray area, which means that some countries have strict regulations while others don’t.

Again, because there is no human-based research on the compound, it cannot be used for human consumption, as stated by FDA.

It is more in the research grounds at the moment in the US.

Who Should Use N-Methyl Cyclazodone?

N-methyl Cyclazodone is ideal for people aiming for high performance and efficiency. It can also be used by people looking for a safe therapy to manage their depression and anxiety.

Because n-methyl cyclazodone plays with the levels of neurotransmitters, you can also cycle yourself to experience enhanced cognition and mental strength.

Forms Of N-Methyl Cyclazodone?

Because it is not allowed for human consumption at the moment, you may not be able to find Cyclazodone in many forms.

But, it is available for oral intake in the form of tablets and powder form.

You might see the injectable forms of the compound in a couple of years if there is focused research carried out on the compound.

How To Use N-Methyl Cyclazodone?

It depends on whether you want to go for tablets or the powdered form of intake. Most people prefer tablets because it is fairly easy to consume, and it minimizes the risk of skipping any dosages too.

You will have to be very careful with the powder form because it requires optimal attention to measure the right dosage.

The half-life of the compound is estimated to be 5-7 hours, and users have reported considerable effects throughout the day.

N-Methyl Cyclazodone Dosage

Because there is no human-based research on the compound to date, there are no approved dosage guidelines. But, people have derived an optimal range of dosage based on individual experiences and patent research.

The ideal range lies between 5mg to 30mg. If you are a beginner, I would highly recommend starting from as low as 10mg and then kick up the dosage.

You can also use the compound in 2 equal doses throughout the day.

You might come across people even going as high as 50mg the first time. Don’t just fall into the trap, and see what suits you well.

N-Methyl Cyclazodone Cycling

While other similar drugs, such as d-amphetamine, may be addictive, Cyclazodone doesn’t cause any addiction.

For this reason, there are no typical Cyclazodone cycles that you should be running. You can use this nootropic irregularly whenever you feel like.

You should keep in mind that it builds tolerance quite easily in the body.

N-Methyl Cyclazodone Stack

There is no information on stacking available based on research or the experiences of individuals.

Because Cyclazodone is a potent nootropic, you can use it with other nootropics, such as Modafinil and the other derivatives, to experience enhanced effects. Again, this is just a suggestion based on my study of all these compounds.

N-Methyl Cyclazodone Reviews

Let’s dig into some reviews and see what people have to say about Cyclazodone.

Polaco157 says,

“Overall, it seems pretty effective. It’s stronger than any nootropic that I have any experience with. I cant compare to modafinil but it’s more potent imo that adrafinil,flmodafinil, any racetam. Compared to amphetamines, it’s different but in some ways on par with it. Depending on the individual, their preferences, and what they’re looking for, it may be better or worse.”

An anonymous Reddit user said,

“It def. works on your dopamine levels and does a really good job. I expect this will be banned by the FDA at some time.”

Another random user commented,

“But what it did do for me was increase my mood. I felt good, real good, using Cyclazodone. Happy, positive, focus, I whizzed through the day happy as a lamb.”

When I read the Reddit thread, I also learned that some people were afraid of using the nootropic because of the lack of scientific evidence.

Best Time To Take N-Methyl Cyclazodone

While there is no fixed time, you can take your dose in the morning before starting your day to stay efficient and motivated throughout the day.

N-Methyl Cyclazodone Side Effects

You will often see the compound being compared with amphetamines and other pemoline derivatives to be safe and efficient. While lower dosages may not cause any noticeable side effects, higher dosages pose considerable adverse effects.

As Cyclazodone does have a certain degree of sympathetic action because of elevated noradrenaline levels, you might experience an increase in heart rate and blood pressure immediately after your dosage.

Increased body temperature, dry mouth, teeth grinding, and feeling of nausea are also some of the common side effects.

Cyclazodone can also possibly cause hepatotoxic effects, and a lot of users have been really concerned about it.

Some users have also reported muscle cramps and acute erectile dysfunction after dosing up with cyclazodone.

Post Cyclazodone effects after long-term usage include mental fatigue and irritability. Delusion and psychotic effects are also experienced. Perhaps you may also experience insomnia.

Where Can I Buy N-Methyl Cyclazodone?

You may not find Cyclazodone widely in the market due to the lack of market demand. I would suggest you make your purchases only from trusted sellers.

You can visit any nearest supplement store and check if cyclazodone is in stock!

N-Methyl Cyclazodone Pricing

Cyclazodone pricing may be a bit spiked up because of fewer suppliers. Anyways the price range of 1g/30 tablets of n-methyl cyclazodone is around $59.99-$95.00.

N-Methyl Cyclazodone VS. Other Compounds N-Methyl Cyclazodone vs. Modafinil

While both are nootropics in action and both impact the dopamine levels in the brain, there is substantial research available on Modafinil.

Modafinil is also known as a ‘smart drug’ because it enhances cognition immensely. It reduces your sleep duration and tends to keep you active even while sleep-deprived.

While Cyclazodone is mild in action, Modafinil is an active and well-tested compound.

N-Methyl Cyclazodone vs. Semax

Semax is also one of the nootropics having antidepressant and anxiolytic effects. Research conducted on Semax demonstrates a strong effect on dopamine levels like Cyclazodone.

It also influences memory as well as attention and focus in individuals, just like N-methyl Cyclazodone.

Perhaps what really separates Semax is its relatively strong impact on users, unlike cyclazodone.

Is N-Methyl Cyclazodone Legit?

It is very hard to predict at the moment. There is literally no human-based research conducted so far involving Cyclazodone.

While one may argue that it is similar to its tested derivatives, it is important to note that scientific evidence is really important to back up the compound. Relying just on personal experiences can be a big bet to place, in my opinion.

Maybe if there is some research published in the coming years, we can get a precise idea of the functioning of n-methyl Cyclazodone.

If you are someone who is looking for nootropics to enhance their mental functioning, I would highly recommend trying out other tested nootropics, such as Flmodafinil, Selank, and Semax.

FAQs on N-Methyl Cyclazodone 1. Is Cyclazodone legal in the US?

It is only available for research purposes at the moment.

2. What is N-methyl cyclazodone?

It is 4x-6x more potent than its pemoline derivatives and is used as a central stimulant and nootropic.

3. Is Cyclazodone safe?

Cyclazodone has not been evaluated by the United States FDA for use in humans as a nootropic, anorectic, or stimulant, and thus safety information on Cyclazodone is lacking.

How long does Cyclazodone effects last?

It lasts for around 5-7 hours.


  • Antidepressant and anxiolytic
  • Enhances cognitive capacity
  • Anorexic effects

  • No pharmacology/human-based research
  • Increased heart rate/blood pressure
  • Hepatotoxic effects

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