Watch the Las Vegas Sphere Turn Into a Giant Game of Tetris


Those who have ever played or even watched a game of Tetris know how easy it is to become transfixed by the brightly-colored block shapes falling neatly into place—or how stressful it is when they don’t. Now, imagine that, but projected across the Las Vegas Sphere’s 580,000-square-foot LED display.

This week, the Madison Square Garden-owned venue featured the classic puzzle video game on its 366 foot high, 516 foot wide “exosphere,” which it posted in a short video to social media. However, the game play, so to speak, was not 360 degrees—if one can even imagine how nerve-wracking a 360-degree game of Tetris would be—but instead repeated in a continuous loop around the structure’s circumference.

“A perfect fit,” the Sphere captioned the video on X, formerly Twitter.

A perfect fit ? @Tetris_Official
Tetris ® & © 1985~2024 Tetris Holding

— Sphere (@SphereVegas) January 9, 2024

Of course, Tetris is just one of many eye-catching animations to be featured on the Sphere since it made its grand debut on the Las Vegas strip in July 2023. Among some of the more memorable displays the venue has featured have been a bright yellow emoji face that both enthralled and horrified onlookers and a special holiday message that unwrapped itself last month.

And that’s just on the outside of the venue. The inside likewise features a 160,000-square-foot wraparound interior screen that projects images in 16K, while state-of-the-art speakers deliver high-quality audio that allows spectators to actually feel the sound vibrations.

In fact, the venue is so unique that Oscar-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky designed and shot the original film, Postcards From Earth specifically for the Sphere, which debuted back in October.

“Once you see the size of this thing, four football fields in size, it’s an amazing feeling to watch it,” Aronofsky said at the time. “It’s hard to work with because the camera sees everything, so you have to kind of come up with shots that really are about everything.”

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