Video: Exclusive Look at Jason Kelce’s Frank’s RedHot Super Bowl Ad


Jason Kelce is teaming up with leading hot sauce brand Frank’s RedHot for a Super Bowl spot, and Men’s Journal has an exclusive look at bloopers from the shoot. A lifelong devotee to hot sauce, Kelce likes to “put that s–t on everything,” and hopes you will, too. The ad finds Kelce slathering Frank’s over some less traditional fare, like Oreos and Starry soda.

“Frank’s RedHot is so good, I put it on everything,” Kelce says in a teaser. “I’m even putting it on foods advertising during the big game, and I’m gonna eat them,” he promises, before going on to name his treats: “Bunch of cookies, bowls of chips, bowls of yogurt. Yes, even pop. As long as it’s got Frank’s on it, it’s gonna be dyn-o-mite, baby!”

In a canny move, Kelce will also reprise his controversial shirtless performance which went viral a few weeks ago. However, this time, he’s doing so in the name of buffalo chicken dip, as he shows fans how to cook up his and Frank’s signature recipe.

Jason Kelce Frank’s Red Hot Recipe Super Bowl Commercial (0:31)

In the bloopers, Kelce inadvertently drops the line that became central to Frank’s campaign. “Frank’s RedHot is so good, I put that s–t on every–” Kelce says before stopping himself and apologizing to the crew. The Eagles star referred to the flub when he teased the commercial Wednesday on Instagram. He also gets a bit too overzealous about ripping his shirt off, taking off more than he intended. You can check out the full blooper reel below.

Jason Kelce Frank’s Red Hot Blooper Reel Super Bowl 2024 (0:38)

Frank’s RedHot is hoping fans will get into the spirit along with Kelce. To celebrate the 58th Super Bowl, the company is giving away fifty eight $1,000 cash prizes. Frank’s is asking fans to send in pictures of themselves infusing their favorite game day foods with RedHot sauce. To enter, tag @FranksRedHot and #FranksSweepstakes on Instagram in photos of your favorite way to “Frank’s It,” or tell them your favorite way here.

“Everyone knows I love hot sauce. Like me, Frank’s RedHot doesn’t take itself too seriously,” Kelce said in a statement. “This partnership is about having fun with flavor and heat; I’m excited to put that shit on everything, and for fans to do the same. From wings to candy, let’s turn up the heat for the Big Game!”

Jason Kelce Frank’s Food Super Bowl 2024 (0:32)

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