Rob Gronkowski on How Kelce and Mahomes Stack Up Against Him and Tom Brady


Rob Gronkowski is getting real about how Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes stack up to his and Tom Brady’s legacy. Gronk and Brady are recognized as one of the greatest QB-tight end pairings of all time, winning four Super Bowls side by side. Gronk and Julian Edelman sat down with Men’s Health ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl to discuss how the Chiefs teammates stack up.

“They’ve broken our record in the playoffs,” Gronkowski said, referring to Mahomes and Kelce shattering his and Brady’s record for most postseason touchdowns at the end of January. In their 22 postseason games together, Brady and Gronk aided each other in 15 touchdowns. To date, Kelce and Mahomes have scored 18 touchdowns together over just 17 postseason games.

“To break that record, they have to be doing something right,” Gronkowski reasoned. “If you look at the numbers,” he continued, “I would say, yes, they are a better pairing, including the playoffs and regular season.”

But Edelman doesn’t share Gronk’s outlook on the Chiefs stars. “Not yet,” Edelman flatly responded when asked if Mahomes and Kelce have surpassed Gronk and Brady. “[Gronk and Brady] have more [Super Bowl rings],” Edelman explained. “[Mahomes and Kelce are] doing some crazy stuff. But not yet.”

Gronkowski’s latest statement comes just a few days after he hailed Kelce as “the best receiving tight end in the game…I would say he has proved it now over the last couple of years, and [is] going strong this year as well. I would say he’s the best receiving tight end to ever play the game of football.”

Mahomes and Kelce will likely add to their tally on Sunday, when the Chiefs face the 49ers at Super Bowl LVIII. It will be the fourth Super Bowl trip in as many years for Kansas City.

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