Keegan-Michael Key Compares Swift-Kelce to Another Famous NFL Relationship


Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key hosted the 2024 NFL Honors. And of course, his opening monologue featured jokes about the biggest thing to happen to the NFL in years, the high-profile relationship between Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop star Taylor Swift.

But as Key pointed out, this isn’t the first time a relationship between an NFL player and pop star has caused a phenomenon. More than 15 years ago, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo walked so Swift and Kelce could run.

“Of course, we’re going to talk about Travis and Taylor,” the 52-year-old said. “I think they’re both great, and I’m happy for them. But you know, Travis Kelce isn’t the first NFL player to have a relationship with a pop star. There’s Russ and Ciara. There was Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. And, of course, Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley.”

Simpson and Romo dated for nearly two years from November 2007 through July 2009. But unlike the current couple du jour, Simpson was subject to intense scrutiny, claiming the relationship took a toll on the Cowboys quarterback’s performance, particularly after Dallas was just edged out of the playoffs during the 2008 season.

And while the relationship didn’t cause quite the media frenzy, Key was also referring to Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who began dating R&B singer Ciara in 2015. Their relationship, on the other hand, was more successful than Simpson and Romo’s. The couple married the following year in 2016 and share two children together, in addition to a son from Ciara’s former relationship to Future.

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“It’s my understanding is that Taylor Swift is in Tokyo right now,” Key continued. “But the only people further from the Super Bowl is the Carolina Panthers. Now, there has never been a season like this, everybody. I mean, who would’ve thought we’d see a year when Taylor Swift went to more playoff games than Bill Belichick?” He was referring to the former Patriots coach who parted ways with the franchise last month after a disappointing 4-13 season.

Swift is expected to appear at the Super Bowl on Sunday amid a whirlwind schedule, taking a break from performing sold out shows in Tokyo, Japan.

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