Pierce Brosnan Enters Plea in Illegal Hiking Case at Yellowstone National Park


Pierce Brosnan has pled not guilty to charges stemming from an incident in which the former James Bond star reportedly ventured off trail near Mammoth Hot Springs in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, risking his life over the boiling water and violating two closures in the process.

The alleged incident occurred on November 1, TMZ reported. Brosnan was cited for “foot travel in a thermal area” and a “closure violation” during his visit to Mammoth Terraces. He had been in the area filming an upcoming Western, The Unholy Trinity, and was actively documenting his Montana adventures on Instagram.

Last month, the outlet reported that shortly after news of Brosnan’s alleged infraction broke, surreptitious photos of someone closely resembling the Mamma Mia star were posted to the Instagram page Tourons of Yellowstone. The page showcases poorly behaved tourists in the park.

Brosnan had already appeared in court once before the news broke. On January 4, he pled not guilty to the two charges and succeeded in having the judge cancel a forthcoming court appearance. A virtual hearing has been scheduled for February 20.

If the allegations are true, it would mean Brosnan is just the latest ill-behaved tourist to come through Yellowstone. Last summer, another park visitor was hit with charges after they tried to venture into the hot springs while drunk. A few weeks before that, another was seen on video lowering his hand into a steaming geothermal pod. In 2019, an Oregon man died after accidentally falling into a hot spring. His sister accidentally recorded his death on her phone.

Brosnan has yet to issue a public statement regarding the charges.

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