Jason Priestly on What Living With Young Brad Pitt Was Really Like


It’s a little known fact in Hollywood that, like many up and coming young stars, Jason Priestly and Brad Pitt once lived in a dingy apartment together with other roommates before they achieved fame. In an appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark this week, the 54-year-old fondly recalled those days of their youth, when personal hygiene was apparently not a top priority for the Bullet Train actor.

“Brad wasn’t as bad as my other roommate, who was an absolute disaster,” Priestly explained, “But Brad was OK? We used to play this game, all of us, to see who could go the longest without showering? Which, I think about it now and I’m like, ‘Dude how disgusting, what were you thinking?'”

When co-host Kelly Ripa asked who could go the longest, Priestly deadpanned: “Brad. Always Brad.”

“I don’t think he does that anymore, but back then he could go a long time without showering,” he added. And as far as what the roommates kept in the fridge, that was also rather predictable for a bachelor pad. “Beer,” he answered, in response to a question from Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos. “No, no, no, that’s about it.”

Priestly previously opened up about those early days in Hollywood rooming with Pitt in his 2014 memoir, aptly titled: Jason Priestley: A Memoir.

The actor said that he first met Pitt when he was just another unemployed couch-surfer crashing with his roommate in North Hollywood. After coming home from a shoot one day to find a “tall skinny guy” sleeping in his bed, the two became fast friends, not unlike if Brandon and Dylan from Beverly Hills, 90210 had met in an acting class.

“We lived on ramen noodles and generic beer—the kind that came in white cans labeled ‘BEER’—and Marlboro Light cigarettes,” Priestley told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. “We were all broke.”

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