Paige Spiranac Shuts Down Rumors About Viral Warriors Fan


After Wednesday night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks became overshadowed by a busty blonde cheering court side, Paige Spiranac has taken to social media to assure fans that it wasn’t her.

The woman, wearing a cleavage-bearing black shirt, could be prominently seen in a photo taken at the game by San Francisco Chronicle photojournalist Scott Strazzante. In the now-viral snap, she appeared behind star Warriors point guard Steph Curry, who was coincidentally celebrating a three-point shot with a golf swing.

“There has been a lot of speculation surrounding this picture. That is not me in the back lol,” Spiranac posted to social media on Thursday, after photos of the fan took over the internet. 

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding this picture. That is not me in the back lol

— Paige Spiranac (@PaigeSpiranac) March 7, 2024

However, while Spiranac could have certainly passed for the fan, the Daily Mail later tracked down the identity of the woman, who was revealed to be San Francisco-based escort Katherine Taylor. According to her website, which has since crashed for fairly obvious reasons, Taylor charges $900 for “one-hour experiences.”

She also opened up about her newfound fame in a series of posts on X, formerly Twitter, before her account was apparently deactivated.

“Godddd… Best date of my life as you can see,” she wrote, along with a face palm emoji. “F–k me, remind me to come fully dressed next time. What a f–king blast.”

“Ok, well, that was fun. To all the media outlets including you Barstool Sports, no Twitter doesn’t delete you for putting tits out I don’t think?” she quipped in a follow-up post. “Maybe? Let’s try it and see? Actually I have tried it, they do not.”

“It is terrifying as a woman being in the same room as Steph Curry. I wasn’t even looking at the guy and caught smoke,” she later added. “And if you are in any way shape or form above average hot, yes, please just don’t be in the same room with Steph Curry. Because you will be a meme.”

At any rate, while Spiranac and Taylor may not know one another and have likely never met, wearing outfits that allegedly distract from sporting events is, unfortunately, something she knows all too well about.

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