One of Amazon’s Best Portable Grills That’s ‘Absolutely Excellent’ for Small Spaces Is on Sale Ahead of Summer Grilling


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A portable grill is one of the most versatile summer tools anybody could have. The best grills will be lightweight and have stable legs with ample room for cooking, whether you’re grilling at the campsite, on the boat, or just on a small patio. And while some can cost hundreds of dollars, plenty of affordable options exist, like this top seller from Cuisinart that’s on sale just ahead of camping and grilling season.

Right now, the Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Portable Gas Grill is on sale for $131 on Amazon—a small but mighty 13% discount on the normal $150 price. This little grill has earned nearly 2,500 five-star ratings from shoppers who say it’s “a perfect size to cook for four,” whether camping or just grilling on a small patio. It’s currently a top 15 bestselling model in the propane grills category on Amazon with more than 400 purchased in the last month alone. It’s also available in a bundle deal with Cuisinart’s VersaStand if a tabletop surface won’t be available.

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Portable Gas Grill in Red, $131 (was $150) on Amazon

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This portable gas grill measures 12-by-18 inches and stands 13 inches tall once the legs are unfolded. It has a respectable 145-square-inch porcelain-enamel grilling grate that’s capable of cooking up to four large kebabs or up to six large burgers at once, based on reviewers’ photos. It features a single 5,500 BTU burner that runs off a portable propane cylinder you’d find with camping equipment, but with the proper accessories, it can hook up to a normal propane tank. Packing it up is easy, too—after allowing it to cool and cleaning it, simply latch the lid and fold the legs up and the stainless steel handle makes it feel like you’re toting a very tasty attaché.

Shoppers have found all kinds of uses for this portable gas grill, but many say it’s the ideal option when space is limited. “An absolutely excellent small gas grill,” as one shopper put it. “I couldn’t be more pleased with this Cuisinart grill. For starters, it required no assembly whatsoever. That was a major relief! Then, its design was more than functional; it was very attractive. Finally, and most significantly, its front-end dial enabled immediate ignition and easy temperature control. The actual grill is easy to remove and clean. That’s another big-time plus. Are there any downsides? None at this point.”

Others have found it to be a great companion for cooking in the great outdoors. “We use this lightweight portable grill for camping and as the backyard barbecue,” a shopper explained. “It’s super light to carry, uses very little propane, and you can cook quite a bit on it. We cook for two, so four ribs, two burgers, two steaks, four chicken thighs, etc. It does cook hot, so it takes a little adjustment there. Very efficient. Have had no problems with the drip tray or grease…If you’re looking for a lightweight portable grill, this comes highly recommended.”

Whether you’re heading to the campsite or just looking for a great patio grilling option, this Cuisinart portable gas grill is worth a look now that it’s on sale. Make sure to scoop one up soon before the price goes back up.

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