MK677 (Nutrobal) Review – Benefits and Side Effects


Welcome to our review of the MK677 (Nutrobal) bodybuilding supplement.

We’ll get into the benefits and side effects of this muscle growth enhance a bit further down the article, but first, an introduction on what MK677 actually is.

MK677 Introduction

In the world of fitness, MK677 has become increasingly popular among a wide range of individuals.

While it is a relative newcomer for bodybuilders and other types of athletes, it has nonetheless developed a strong following for producing strong results with few side effects.

While this is certainly something that is worth studying in greater detail, the truth of the matter is that there are also a number of misconceptions associated with this substance.

For example, many people incorrectly believe that this substance is an example of SARMs. This is not true.

There are several potential benefits of MK677 that are well worth keeping in mind.

At the same time, there are also some potential side effects that should understood.

In the first place, understand that this is a selective agonist of your ghrelin receptor, as well as your growth hormone secretagogue. In other words, it is not a SARM.

mk677 review


Also known as Ibutamoren Mesylate, Nutrobal or MK677 has been developed with an eye towards fighting growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor deficiencies for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

It is currently referred to by the FDA as an investigational drug.

While the full potential of this substance is still being explored, it has gained a good deal of popularity among fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and other athletes.

Thus far, the results for bodybuilders and MK677 have been really encouraging.

At the same time, there are still several things about side effects, benefits, and dosages that need to be better understood.

MK677 Benefits

The ability to build muscle without building unwanted fat is a goal for many athletes.

MK677 is interesting in the sense that it generally increases the appetite of the individual, but in a way that doesn’t build unwanted/dangerous fat.

The fact that it can increase appetite is cause for concern with some.

The concern is that an increase in appetite will result in an increase of fat gain. Nothing could further from the truth.

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Understand that the increase in appetite is normal.

This is due to the fact that MK677 is recreating a facsimile of a neuropeptide known as ghrelin.

This neuropeptide can be found in the central nervous system.

Our bodies produce this element in our stomachs, and it is in fact classified as a hormone.

When MK677 ups the ghrelin production in the system, one of the end results will be an increase in appetite.

This can cause concern with someone who is trying to burn fat.

Such concerns should keep in mind that while your appetite increases, the energy distribution within the body changes, as well.

The fat in the human body becomes metabolized in a different fashion.

In other words, you will eat more, but this will not inherently mean gaining more fat.

In addition to not impacting estrogen or cortisol levels in a problematic way, MK-677 does not require injections.

This is a particularly useful to those who do not wish to deal with the potential consequences of injections or creams, including rashes, skin damage, and other issues.

MK677 is taken orally.

It also has the benefit of being one of the most affordable options for bodybuilders and athletes on the market.

Human growth hormone treatments can wind up costing thousands and thousands of dollars.

Utilizing MK-677 costs a good deal less than that.

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MK677 Side Effects

MK677 side effects are fairly minimal.

This is particularly true when they are compared to some of the side effects associated with substances that endeavor to meet the same ends.

As we mentioned before, MK-677 can lead to an increase in your normal appetite.

While this is not inherently bad, there are still things that should be considered.

For example, you will obviously want to keep an eye on your carb intake with this substance.

The fat-burning potential of MK-677 is considerable, but this should still follow a sensible diet.

As MK-677 has the side effect of mild insulin resistance, it should go without saying that you will want to keep an eye on not only your insulin levels, but your blood sugar levels, as well.

You will also want to be aware that MK677 side effects are similar to those with elevated levels of growth hormones. This can include joint pain.

These side effects should not be cause for concern, but it is nonetheless important to maintain proper dosing practices with this anabolic.

Also, because this is indeed an anabolic, those who have cancer should not take it.


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One of the most interesting things about this anabolic is the fact its dosage can vary a good deal from one individual to the next.

The average dose is around twenty-five milligrams.

However, some opt for a much smaller dosage of 12.5mg. Others can take dosages as high as 50mg.

This is done for a period of approximately two to three months.

With any MK677 dosage, do not take more than the high end for an acceptable dosage.

In other words, you should not take more than 50mg of MK677 in a single day.

The half-life for MK-677 is approximately six hours.

It should also be observed that you can indeed use MK677 as a standalone.

Some believe you can do the entire thing in a single dose, but other fitness experts suggest breaking it down into two daily doses, if being used solo.

Remember the six hour half-life.

For bulking, MK-677 stacks well with RAD-140, which is also known as Testolone.

For cutting needs, experts suggest it will be best combined with Cardarine.

While those are good possibilities to keep in mind, it could be argued that MK-677 stacks well with any SARM you may want to try.


It is likely that a bottle of MK-677 will set you back at least a hundred dollars.

While the MK677 price does come down sometimes, you shouldn’t expect that to happen with any sort of consistency.

It is difficult to get in certain circles, despite being over the counter, and this will always ensure a high cost right out of the gate.

Still, as mentioned before, the price of MK-677 is going to be dramatically lower than the price of human growth hormone treatments.

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Customer Reviews

MK677 customer reviews have been almost universally positive.

This is due to the fact that it has such a low list of side effects, combined with some key benefits in the building department.

At the same time, it should also be noted that many of these reviews come from people who are not bodybuilders, or indeed, athletes in any specific sense of the word.

MK-677 has become quite popular with individuals who simply want to increase their healthy appetite.

MK677 has also been connected to deeper and more restful sleep patterns, which means it could provide some relief to anyone who is suffering from insomnia.

MK677 Review Conclusion

From muscle wasting, to its potential with bone density, there is no question that MK677 has a lot to offer a wide range of people.

There is also no question that it has a number of potential benefits to offer those with bodybuilding or other athletic goals.

It works well with a wide of products and substances, and it promotes a number of positive behaviors, such as better sleep patterns.

The side effects are minimal, as well.

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While it is important to realize the studies associated with MK-677 have been positive, they are still ongoing studies.

Still, if the current information and reception is to be believed, it is likely that MK-677 is going to be around for quite some time.

This one is well worth checking out.

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