Best SARMs for Weight Loss


Looking for information on the best SARMs for weight loss? In this article we’re going to go through the best 4 SARMs to help you lose weight and keep it off. Read on below!

Best SARMs For Weight Loss – Introduction

SARMs can have several benefits. The specific type of selective androgen receptor modulator you choose will determine its scope of effects.

Most SARMs have one effect in common and that is the prevention of muscle wasting. 

SARMs can be used as performance enhancers to boost strength and endurance.

best sarm for weight loss

Many bodybuilders use SARMs as supplements for bulking and cutting. SARMs do not have an identical effect on bulking or cutting. Likewise, there is the varying effect on weight loss. Some SARMs do facilitate weight loss, mainly by triggering fat burning.

Other SARMs may not have any effect on fat loss. No SARM contributes to weight gain. Whatever gain in weight is realized is due to prevention of muscle wasting.

How Do SARMs Impact Fat Loss

SARMs cause various changes in the human body, including effects on vital bodily functions. The investigational drugs, usually available and sold as supplements, can improve metabolism, maximize energy output, break down calories consumed and trigger many syntheses that contribute to growth & development of muscles.

SARMs prevent muscle wasting, limit the growth of fat cells and burn fat. Some SARMs are effective at targeting some of the most rigid or stubborn fat in the human body.

There are stubborn deposits of fat that are hard to lose even with stringent diet and exhaustive exercise. SARMs make it easier and also surer to lose such rigid fat.

SARMs trigger fat burning. The most effective ones can target the fat in the belly, under the skin, attached to muscles and deposited on vital organs.

Since these SARMs limit the expansion of the fat cells in the body, there is less scope for these to be enlarged with accumulation of more adipose tissues.

These are the reasons why SARMs are so widely used for cutting. However, there are some SARMs that primarily facilitate bulking up and do not target fat.

These should be avoided if your purpose is solely weight loss. If you wish to gain muscles while losing fat, then you can combine SARMs used for bulking and cutting.

Some SARMs can prevent obesity. Since they are performance enhancers, they aid nearly all workout routines or exercises. Being able to work out harder, stronger and longer enables an individual to burn more calories and hence fat.

Anyone can effectively lose weight due to the performance enhancement effects of these supplements. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts will definitely benefit but ordinary people who simply want to lose weight without any major bodybuilding or fitness goals will also experience the positive effects.

Best 4 SARMs for Weight Loss

The best SARMs for weight loss are Cardarine, Stenabolic, Ostarine, and Andarine.

Cardarine is more popular for its effects on endurance. Most fitness enthusiasts swear by it to increase their stamina. However, it is equally effective, if not more, at facilitating fat loss.

Cardarine leads to non-catabolic fat loss. This is why it is a favorite among bodybuilders for the cutting cycle.

The SARM should be taken daily for a period of eight to twelve weeks. Those who are obese or excessively overweight may take the supplement for up to fourteen weeks. It is best not to take the supplement any longer.

A Note On The SARMS In This Article

It’s important to note that all four SARMs in this article are currently illegal for human consumption. 

This means that if you find any of the SARMs on the internet, they are either fake products, or designed for research purposes only, not human consumption.

We’ve provided some safe, legal alternatives for the SARMs listed below, so click on the red buttons to check those out.


cardarine sarm

The recommended dosage is 10mg to 20mg per day. You should not exceed 20mg in a day.

Start with 5mg to 10mg and increase the dose to 20mg only when you are certain there are no side effects.

You should take the supplement once with some food. The half-life of Cardarine is twenty to twenty-four hours.

There is no need to split the dose or take the supplement more than once in a day. The effects will last for up to twenty-four hours, then again you should take the dose for the next day.

Cardarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!


 stenabolic sarm

Stenabolic (also known as SR9009) is a popular supplement among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for the cutting cycle. It can help get rid of the rigid fat from throughout the body that prevents perfect sculpting of the muscles.

While the supplement does not really alter the size of the muscles, with the exception of helping in the retention of lean mass, the loss of fat leads to be visibly more sculpted form.

Cutting is primarily about losing fat and excess water to make the muscles look more pronounced.

Stenabolic works well as it can target the cells storing fat and facilitates the metabolism of glucose.

The supplement improves natural metabolism. Faster fat burning leads to the availability of more energy which is then utilized during training or workout. Stenabolic is hence also an endurance enhancer.

One of the distinct strengths of Stenabolic is its ability to use excess calories or enabling the body to maximize the utilization of available energy so there is no further gain in fat.

One of the most daunting challenges and also a more common problem among people aspiring to lose weight is gaining fat during the whole process. Losing and gaining fat is a simultaneous process for many.

Stenabolic resolves that problem by simply resisting new fatty deposits and enabling the body to burn the existing fat.

Stenabolic is used for cutting. It is also used for stacking, which is a practice of taking more than one SARM supplement at the same time for a compounded effect on the body.

This is strictly advisable for those who already have a history of using SARMs. If you have never taken any SARM supplement, it is better you do not start stacking.

Stenabolic is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our legal alternative here!


anadrine sarm

Andarine is a versatile SARM. It has been used by bodybuilders for some time now but mostly to bulk up.

The SARM supplement can help with bulking. But recently there have been many customer reviews that speak of its effects on fat loss.

More bodybuilders are now using Andarine during the cutting phase as well. There are some SARMs that are versatile enough to aid both bulking and cutting.

Andarine works like Ostarine, which also a versatile SARM. Both SARMs can assist in bulking up, which is basically gaining more mass, and they can target fat at the same time.

However, Andarine will have the best results only when there are a stringent diet and a regular workout routine.

Andarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!


ostarine sarm

Ostarine is easily one of the most effective SARMs. It helps with both bulking and cutting. Hence, many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use it for stacking.

If your sole purpose is weight loss, then you should combine diet and exercise, take Ostarine and ensure optimum sleep or rest to allow your body to recover.

Limiting your calorie intake is necessary as the SARM can also contribute to weight gain due to an increase in lean mass in the body.

If you do not mind gaining weight in the form of lean and healthy mass in your muscles while you continue to burn fat, then you may not drastically limit your calorie intake.

If you have to lose twenty pounds or more, then a calorie deficit diet is necessary.

Ostarine breaks down calories and increases the energy available. It turns to fat to generate more energy. It also leads to oxidization of fat cells.

You will lose fat through burning and the cells holding the fat will also get smaller so there will be much less space for new adipose tissues to pile up. Hence, Ostarine helps with loss of fat leading to weight loss and can influence weight management. You can keep the lost weight off.

However, you should not take Ostarine in perpetuity or for several months. Limit the course to six or eight weeks.

Ostarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!

Best SARMs for Weight Loss – Conclusion

Since SARMs are illegal and mostly untested, we don’t recommend taking them for weight loss.

Instead, we recommend opting for a safe, legal alternative to SARMs, such as Crazy Bulk’s collection of cutting supplements.

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