Jason Kelce Reveals the Unusual Anniversary Gift He Got His Wife


After recently admitting that he forgot to get his wife Kylie Kelce an anniversary gift, Jason Kelce finally came through, as he shared on the latest episode of his New Heights podcast. But suffice to say, the gift is probably not what the mother of his three daughters was initially expecting.

The couple celebrated their sixth anniversary back on April 14. However, on the May 1 episode of the podcast, Kelce told his brother and co-host Travis Kelce that he had gotten distracted by their live show in Cincinnati on April 11 and that he still owed” Kylie, 32, a gift.

“I gotta come big with something,” Jason said at the time, to which Travis suggested that he make her a sword, considering that “iron” is the traditional anniversary gift after six years. “I mean, I don’t think she’d be into it,” the Philadelphia Eagles center reasoned. “Right now, a sword is definitely better than what I’ve currently gotten her.”

As it turns out, a sword was actually the perfect gift.

“We got the sword. Kylie loves it,” Jason revealed in Wednesday’s new episode. “Does she?” Travis asked somewhat incredulously. “I’m pretty sure. I think she does,” Jason responded.

At that point in the podcast, Kelce produced the sword in question, which his brother conceded was a “nice-ass sword.”

Tomorrow we’ve got our “normal” episode … same time as always ? pic.twitter.com/tQxv4msQWc

— New Heights (@newheightshow) May 7, 2024

“It’s really not. I’ve seen better. It’s not that sharp—but it’s for show, it’s a symbol,” Jason continued, to which Travis suggested he just “sharpen that thing up.”

“It’s pretty pointy though, you can thrust,” Jason said, describing the weapon. He added that it was engraved with a message that read “Happy anniversary, Princess Kyana,” in a nod to his nickname for Kylie; a mashup of her name and Princess Diana’s after she had modeled a Kelly green Eagles varsity jacket similar to the one worn by the late royal.

Travis then joked that there was a “whole Robert Durst situation going on” if Jason was found dead: “Kylie did it in the basement with an iron sword, just like the movie Clue.”

“Listen, I’m just gonna be honest with you. If Kylie killed me with a sword, I had it coming to me. So no need to punish her,” Jason quipped. “I think we can all safely assume, if Jason was killed by Kylie he had it coming. No investigation needed. Pass ‘Go,’ collect $200, move right along, man.”

On that note, the seventh anniversary gift is wool or copper, so perhaps Kelce should begin planning next year’s gift now.

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