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Back in the early 20th century, a new technology allowed cattle raised in the heartland to reach your local butcher shop: refrigerated rail cars. The rise of the mega-supermarket might have shuttered the doors of many neighborhood butchers, but now coolers—packed with often flash-frozen cuts of meat kept cold on dry ice—toted by your favorite delivery guy are bringing the best online steaks right to your front door like the old days, only different. 

The latest innovations in premium meat delivery, featuring cold-as-ice packaging and speedy service from as far away as New Zealand, don’t mean that every online meat purveyor out there is top notch. Despite all assurances, it can be hard to suss out the grain from the grass-fed. Thankfully there are still several reliable online butchers in the mix who can send almost any type of quality beef to your doorstep within a few days—and below are eight of the very best.

From old-school, family butchers in New York City and hallowed Midwest meat shops to faraway cuts from antipodean fields, the following top online beef purveyors will guarantee only the best chops for your next backyard barbecue feast. 

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As part of our Men’s Journal Grilling Awards, we tapped Porter Road as our best overall online steak butcher for its hyper-local operations, personal service, and guaranteed quality. Every cut is handled by a small team. Supplies are often low as they process and ship everything as fresh as possible, but thankfully you can still find all of the classic cuts here. 

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Best Online Steaks Overall: Porter Road Porter Road Online Steaks

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Started in 2010 as a local butcher shop by two chef buddies in Nashville, Porter Road is now available across the U.S. It’s still a small shop run and overseen by its co-founders, who check in on local farmers, handle custom orders, and deliver big on flavor at sweet prices. All the meat—which includes pork and poultry—is sourced from local farms where the animals are humanely pasture-raised without hormones or antibiotics. Hand cut by Porter Road’s team of whole-animal butchers, meat can be ordered a la carte, in curated bundles, or with a subscription.

What else can you get? Porter Road stocks rarer cuts as well, including Brazilian picanha, California specialty tri-tip, and the tiny but majorly flavorful teres major.

From $14 for sirloin, at porter road

Best Online Steaks Gift Sets: Omaha Steaks Omaha Steaks Online Steak

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Omaha Steaks is now one of the biggest beef suppliers in the U.S., but it wasn’t until the midcentury that the 100-year-old company began shipping across the country. The beef had to wait for the technology—specifically the ability to ship vacuum-sealed steaks, frozen in polystyrene coolers, to doorsteps using parcel shipping. Expect a money-back guarantee on anything you order, from filet mignons to porterhouses.

What else can you get? The King Cuts line is made of a mammoth ribeye, T-bone, top sirloin, and a 36-ounce New York strip—an enormous piece of meat (think fully inflated basketball) far weightier than its standard strip steak. The company’s phenomenal Gift Sets range from $50 to $150.

From $38 for strip, at omaha steaks

Best Online Steaks Variety: Kansas City Steak Co. Kansas City Steak Co. Online Steaks

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Kansas City Steak Company started in 1932 as a family-owned butcher shop in Kansas City. Today, it has expanded online doing big, nation-wide business, while still getting its beef from local stockyards. Steaks are aged 28 days, then frozen for shipping. Most cuts are also available in prime.

What else can you get? Its Wagyu beef filet mignon offers a domestically raised breed of Japanese cattle with—according to the company—better marbling and more flavor.

$25 for sirloin, at kansas city steak

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Best Family-Owned Online Steaks: Lobel’s of New York Lobel’s of New York Online Steak

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A fixture on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Lobel’s is one of New York’s oldest butcher shops—now in the able hands of its fifth generation. It procures only prime beef, a designation given to less than 2 percent of the market, before dry aging the cuts for four to six weeks. Orders are then shipped in a cooler, unfrozen.

What else can you get? The most popular steak in America’s favorite form for the backyard grill is an $11, prime filet mignon hamburger patty.

From $50 for strip, at lobel's

Best New Zealand Online Steaks: Silver Fern Farms Silver Fern Farms Online Steak

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For a steak experience a little different than your typical Western U.S. herds, go with Silver Fern Farms, located in lush New Zealand. Their cattle is pasture-raised on fertile grassland fed by pristine streams from alpine lakes, which gives the meat a brighter and more herbaceous flavor. 

What else can you get? If you’re ordering beef from New Zealand, you might as well toss some lamb into the package from a nation renowned for its high-quality sheep flocks. Venison from herds of pasture-raised red deer are also available. 

From $10 for sirloin, at silver fern

Best Dry-Aged Online Steaks: Peter Luger Peter Luger Online Steaks

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Arguably New York’s most famous steakhouse, Peter Luger’s now offers its chops online. Expect prime, dry-aged steaks in just a handful of cuts—about as close to the restaurant experience as it gets, before you’re put in charge of the end of result. Pick from strip steak, porterhouse, and ribeye shipped unfrozen in a cooler.

What else can you get? Not much. The site offers thick cut bacon that runs about $60 plus shipping for a 12-ounce pack containing five hefty slices. Move over Oscar Mayer. 

$196 for rib steak, at peter luger's

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Best Angus Online Steaks: Nebraska Star Nebraska Star Online Steaks

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Nebraska Star works with ranchers across Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas to naturally raise, slaughter, cut, and age the beef it offers. It doesn’t stray far from steaks. No poultry or lamb offered here, pal. The cattle is red, black, and Charolais Angus that ranks either choice or prime.

What else can you get? Wagyu style beef in classic cuts that will more than double the cost of a filet mignon.

From $14 for sirloin, at nebraska star

Best Bulk Online Steaks: D’Artagnan D’Artagnan Online Steaks

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D’Artagnan’s trucks zip around major cities, dropping off everything from beef to wild boar at fine-dining kitchens. As the brand’s reputation for free-range meats has grown over 30 years, so has its expansion into home delivery backed by the same guarantee it offers its chef clientele. The steaks are grass-fed Angus and Wagyu, and it pays to buy in bulk. An unfrozen 10-pack of filet mignons will drop the price down to a reasonable $2.50 per ounce.

What else can you get? A rare outside skirt steak from 21-day-aged Angus cattle will require removing a still-attached membrane. It’s more work, but offers better flavor and a more tender texture than the inside skirt steak commonly used for fajitas.

From $35 for strip, at d'artagnan

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