Jamie Foxx Debuts New ‘Sippable’ Flavored Whiskey


Today marks the release of Jamie Foxx’s new whiskey line, BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon, in partnership with WES Brands. The ultra-smooth, richly flavored spirit has been in the design process for two years, with brand owner and creative director Foxx fine-tuning the recipe to perfection.

BSB’s 70-proof spirit blends “the aromatic spice of cinnamon” with the “comforting sweetness of brown sugar” to create a singular beverage unlike any other on the market.

“Life is so precious, so I’ve always tried living it to the fullest,” Foxx said in a press release. “As an avid whiskey drinker, owning a brand that is sippable and unlike any other has been a life goal of mine; with BSB, I’m finally making that happen.”

Foxx continued, saying, “BSB is an ode to my personal philosophy—it’s about bringing people together to celebrate life and have fun.”

The new product also comes in an exclusive, limited-edition bottle. The matte-black exterior is embossed with a glow-in-the-dark BSB logo, which “ensures that BSB whiskey stands out on the shelves and lights up any social gathering, making it the most coveted centerpiece of the night.”

BSB Whiskey/WES Brands

Foxx is continuing his rebound after suffering a near-fatal medical episode last April. He recently returned to the public eye with a variety of new projects and promises of a brand-new stand-up special that will address his health crisis.

BSB is manufactured and bottled in Columbia, TN. Bottle will be available for $24.99 at select U.S. stores, but you can head over to BSB’s website and pick one up for the same price.

BSB Whiskey/WES Brands

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