‘Ghostbusters’ Star Ernie Hudson Shares Secrets to Toned Physique at 78


Ernie Hudson sent the internet into a tailspin last month after appearing on the red carpet in a simple black T-shirt and jeans. But it wasn’t his clothes that were making waves on social media; it was his what was underneath. 

Hudson spoke to People magazine about the sudden wave of attention he’s received over his physique and shared some secrets on how he maintains his looks at 78 years old. 

“It’s nice to be noticed. It’s been a little bit of a surprise in the last couple of days,” the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire star admitted. “I’ve always been in what I consider fairly good shape, but normally, when I do those press conferences, I’m usually in a suit or a sport coat.”

Hudson has survived cancer twice, but never integrated regular workouts into his life until recently. “I’ve always tried to be healthy,” he said. “My career hasn’t been about focusing on my physicality. The most important thing for me is just to try to maintain your health, just common-sense stuff.”

“I see these guys who really pump up and they got these massive arms and six-packs and all that, that’s not what my career has been about,” he continued. “I’m usually the warden or the principal, or I’m usually the guy in the suit.”

His recent prioritization of his health came after he turned 70 and started to notice that “fat began to gather on the lower stomach, and it wasn’t going away.” So he hit the gym and now works out three days a week with the help of a personal trainer and a Pilates instructor. He and his wife Linda try to hit a minimum of 10,000 steps each day

Food intake is another crucial health component that has played a role in his late-70s physical development. He seemingly sticks to an intermittent fasting schedule, largely only eating between noon and 7 p.m. each day. “I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, so I do eat meat, but then again, I try not to do it too often,” he said of his diet. 

Hudson also drinks several bottles of water every day to stay hydrated—an observation made by some online. Besides lots of water, Hudson keeps his skin in shape by wearing sunscreen and using moisturizer. “With a lot of Black men or men of color, there’s a darkness that starts to set in under the eyes,” he said, revealing he uses vitamin C “to keep the coloration even.”

With 80 just around the corner, Hudson is proving that age really is just a number. 

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