How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs? Find Out


What are Man boobs?

Man boobs or gynecomastia develop when there is a benign excessive growth of glandular tissues in male breasts. Man boobs are quite common, albeit the excessive growth due to increased secretion of estrogen and reduced secretion of testosterone is an abnormality in men. Man boobs can also be one of the side effects of strong medicines, including prescription drugs and over the counter medication. Many medicines are known to cause an imbalance of hormones and there can be a substantial impact on the secretions of estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia is not fat buildup in male breasts. Such developments are due to pseudo-gynecomastia and the condition is not the same as man boobs.

What causes Man Boobs?

Man boobs is a symptom. The cause is gynecomastia. It is a medical condition. Men of any age and ethnicity can have man boobs. The condition is also not dependent on medical history or genetics. While pseudo-gynecomastia is more common in obese men, gynecomastia or man boobs can affect even healthy men who are not overweight. Man boobs are unpleasant and they can adversely affect self confidence. Man boobs are a common cause of embarrassment for men.

The medical condition known as gynaecomastia is a physiological problem. The tissues in the male breasts grow larger. There is substantial swelling. The substantial enlargement of the glandular tissues leads to man boobs. The breasts may be more unpleasant, larger and oddly shaped if a man is already overweight or obese. The entire chest may look swollen, bulkier and fatter. It is not rare for men to have boobs as large as women and possibly larger. Obese men may suffer from both gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia simultaneously, thereby worsening the symptoms.

There are other supportive causes that worsen or facilitate the development of man boobs. Obesity is a major facilitator. Poor diet, reduction in testosterone and libido, aging, alcoholism, use of certain products for skincare or grooming and present or past use of strong steroids are common factors that can worsen or facilitate the development of man boobs. Some men have man boobs as a side effect of kidney problems and liver disease. Klinefelter syndrome also causes or facilitates man boobs. It is a condition of a man being born with one extra X chromosome.

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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

Man boobs can be a temporary problem or it could be a chronic condition. Chronic man boobs are much more difficult to get rid of. However, it is possible to prevent the development of man boobs and the condition can be cured as well. First, go for a thorough diagnosis. Many people presume man boobs are due to obesity or weight gain. Many presume there is something wrong at the hormonal level but no action is taken to reverse the changes. Knowing the specific cause in a particular case is always better than presumption or guesswork.

Kids often have man boobs but these may not persist when they grow up. It is not uncommon for adolescent boys to have transient changes to the size and form of their breasts. These are not necessarily indicative of chronic man boobs. However, the hormonal changes or imbalance may sustain and then the condition will become a lasting problem. Men who have such growth in their early twenties through late twenties may have the problem linger on well into their thirties and beyond. Many men develop man boobs for the first time in their thirties or forties. This problem may also last for years unless remedial steps are taken.

Gynecomastia can be diagnosed and studied. Imbalance of hormones can now be studied with impeccable accuracy. The diagnosis is a definitive assessment and not speculative or implicative in any way. Identifying the exact cause will allow you to find the perfect solution to how to get rid of man boobs. Hormonal therapy may be required. It is also possible exercise alone will cure your man boobs. Most people need a combination of exercise, diet, weight loss and changes in lifestyle to reverse the hormonal imbalance. Many variable factors influence the fine balance of hormones, in both men and women. Just as women are likely to experience hormonal imbalance due to many reasons, men can also have disproportionate secretions of estrogen and testosterone.

Diet and exercise are anyway a good combination. It can help with fat loss and weight management. Balanced and nutritious foods are a priority. Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, fiber and whole grains are the right balance. Eating homemade foods and avoiding processed foods is essential. Understanding your microbiome health is also necessary. You need to increase the quantum of good bacteria in your gut. Bad bacteria must be kept under a stringent check for optimum hormonal balance. Such approaches to diet combined with regular exercise can help you to get rid of man boobs. You may have to choose hormone therapy if both fail as a strategic approach but even then you should continue with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Working out to get rid of Man Boobs

There are various exercises you can do to reduce ma boobs. The specific workout routine should be determined after taking into consideration age, weight and level of fitness. Prevailing medical conditions should also be factored in. Those who are reasonably fit and strong can embark on a routine of their choosing. Those who are overweight or have not been working out regularly will need to start slow, develop endurance and strength, enhance their agility and then begin the more rigorous exercises.

Some of the most effective workouts are bench press, chest press, chest flies, pushups and landmine press. There are a few variations of all these exercises, such as typewriter pushup or bench press with a wider grip, half chest flies and chest presses or a high intensity landmine press. The exercises among these that require weights can be done with barbells or dumbbells. Some exercises can be done with medicine balls while kettlebells can be used for others. The workout routine should span at least five days a week and daily sessions should last at least an hour. Those who have substantially large man boobs must go for six days a week and might have to work out for an hour and a half every day.

While exercises targeting the chest muscles and the overall thorax region of the body will be effective, it is necessary to have a sufficient span of time assigned to cardio training as well. It is absolutely imperative to sweat, improve blood circulation and increase metabolism to restore hormonal balance. Strength training or workouts involving weights will not be sufficient to restore hormonal balance. Whole body workouts are necessary. Diet, optimum sleep and healthy lifestyle choices should be combined with a strict exercise routine to get rid of man boobs.

Mixed training can be helpful for those who have rigid fat in their man boobs. High knees, split jacks, blast off pushups, incline and decline chest flies, hand release pushups, box jumps, burpees, goblet squat and rowing among others are effective exercises. It is also necessary to mix and match the exercises. Repeating the same exercise every day will lead to stagnation. There will be some effects in a few days but then the transformation will plateau.

Hormone therapy, taking supplements that increase testosterone or other remedies as recommended by a doctor may be necessary to effectively cure man boobs, especially if the condition is chronic. Hormonal imbalance may be a persistent problem, regardless of workout and diet.

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