LGD 3303 Review: Everything You Need To Know


Welcome to our article about LGD 3303. We’ll get into the benefits and side effects of this SARM a little bit further down this article, but first, what exactly is LGD 3303?

What is LGD 3303

LGD 3303 is an investigational drug. It is a SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

This SARM is specifically known for its high bioavailability when taken orally.

The selective agonist is capable of generating functional selectivity and can effectively dissociate androgen and anabolic effects.

It is a partial and full agonist for androgenic and anabolic effects respectively.

The drug has been studied for its effects on osteoporosis. It is now available mostly as a supplement for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

lgd 3303

LGD 3303 is also known as LGD3


History of LGD 3303

LGD 3303 is a relatively new selective androgen receptor modulator. Its history is similar to those of other SARMs.

Scientists in pursuit of developing investigational drugs to cure muscle wasting or atrophy have made many types of SARMs.

Some of these are effective against osteoporosis. They can strength bones by increasing the bone density.

A few SARMs are also found to be effective against stress incontinence.

Most SARMs are effective at preventing and remedying muscle atrophy but to varying extents.

LGD 3303 is somewhat different from other SARMs as it does not have much effect on osteoporosis or other conditions but is extremely impactful in preventing muscle wasting.

It is so potent that it has become a favorite among bodybuilders for bulking.

It is also used during the cutting cycle following the bulking phase.

Benefits of LGD 3303

The most noteworthy benefit of the investigational drug is muscle gain.

It can provide some relief from osteoporosis but there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that it can increase the bone density to an extent to prevent or cure brittleness.

LGD 3303 leads to gaining healthy lean mass. It does not lead to any fat gain.

It prevents unnecessary fat buildup during bulking. It does strengthen bones to an extent, thereby improving range of motion and also increasing muscular strength & endurance.

Pharmaceutical companies around the world are presently testing LGD 3303 to find more applications where it can be used in medicines for the benefit of patients suffering from different musculoskeletal conditions.


LGD 3303 can also help with fat loss. The supplement can trigger fat burning and enables the body to use the available energy.

Those who wish to lose rigid or stubborn fat can take the supplement and shed the last ounces of adipose to get a sculpted physique.

It is this effect on fat that makes LGD 3303 suitable for the cutting phase as well.

Not many SARMs can be used for bulking up and cutting phases. The two cycles are usually a natural progression for most bodybuilders.

Bulking up without a cutting phase does not lead to a sculpted physique.

Constant bulking is also ineffective as the body will plateau at one stage.

It can be boosted with some supplement but there is another stagnant phase thereafter.

Cutting cycle is quintessential to get the best results from bulking. One can always embark on another bulking phase later.

LGD 3303 causes observable changes to the form and size of muscles.

There are noticeable transformations in the contours. Bulking and cutting is all about developing stronger and more pronounced muscles that look well formed and sculpted.

LGD 3303 can help with all three objectives, gaining more mass, losing fat and sporting better formed muscles.

Since the drug prevents muscle wasting, the gained mass is retained during the cutting phase.

Usually, bodybuilders do lose some mass during cutting but it is limited when one is on LGD 3303.

Side Effects of LGD 3303

LGD 3303 does not have any known serious side effect.

Tolerance level of every individual will determine how quickly the drug will start to work.

Many people try to increase the dose and that is not advisable. It is best to start with a low dose to be safe.

One must observe the changes and then gradually increase the intake in a week or after a fortnight.


There are some mild side effects of LGD 3303 but they cannot be generalized.

Some people experience digestive issues for the first day or two. There may be a bit of impact on energy levels.

Some people experience much more energy. It is not uncommon for users to experience depleting energy when the effects of the drug wear off.

It is rare for users to experience headaches or nausea among other side effects.

Changes in appetite are not unheard of but they are only transient experiences.

Such side effects are primarily due to the tolerance level or lack thereof and they subside when the body gets familiar with the supplement.

Overdosing can have serious side effects. Since LGD 3303 is a new SARM, there is no reported case of overdosing so the possible effects are not known.

Ingredients and Dosage of LGD 3303

Supplements containing LGD 3303 can have different ingredients. The investigational drug has only LGD 3303 as its active ingredient in most cases.

You should check the label of the supplements to find out about the ingredients used by the manufacturer you choose.

The dosage of LGD 3303 should also be mentioned on the label.

It is necessary for users to follow the instruction provided by the brand. Experimenting with the dosage or the course is not recommended.

The course should be completed, unless there are any serious side effects that are caused by the SARM.

It is possible for users experiencing side effects of other medications or supplements to get perplexed about the exact cause.

The half life of LGD 3303 is six hours. The effects of the drug will wear off sooner than that of other SARMs.


There are SARMs that have half life of twenty four hours. LGD 3303 should be taken twice per day.

Some users take it thrice a day. Unless you need more energy, strength and endurance during working out, it is needless to take the SARM thrice a day.

Twice a day should suffice for most people. Those who do not experience any growth of lean mass may increase the dosage from twice to thrice a day.

It is better to increase the frequency without scaling up the dose.

If the dose has to be increased, then it should be phased.

Seven days up to ten days is the minimum period of time one must wait before scaling up the dose.

Price of LGD 3303

The exact price of LGD 3303 varies from one brand to another, usually around $60.

The exact composition of the supplement, all the ingredients used and if there is any special formula, have a bearing on the price.

Click on the button below to find the most up to date price for LGD 3303.


Customer Reviews of LGD 3303

LGD 3303 has been receiving largely positive reviews.

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have endorsed the claims of companies that LGD 3303 is really effective in aiding the growth of lean mass.

It is as effective in bulking as it is in cutting.

However, customers have also reported that a post cycle therapy is imperative after using LGD 3303, either for bulking or cutting.

A post cycle therapy is necessary for many types of supplements.

The post cycle therapy reverses and normalizes any hormonal changes that usually happen during the period of using the supplement.

Some hormones get suppressed to make the way for others to bring about the desired effects. This is also true for LGD 3303.


If you use LGD 3303 for bulking then it should be followed up with a post cycle therapy.

This is before you can use the supplement again for cutting.


It is unwise to use the supplement continuously throughout bulking and then straightaway initiating the cutting phase without any post cycle therapy.

This effectively makes the therapy as an interim exercise when one must stop the progression from bulking to cutting.

The best results are attainable with such a calibrated approach.

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