Couple Finds Treasure Lamp, Granted Three $1.2 Million Wishes


A New Mexico couple hit the jackpot, unearthing a prize treasure lamp that granted them three wishes valued at a combined total of $1.2 million this week.

Ron Novak and Michelle Bush had made the trip from Albuquerque to Dallas, TX three times over the course of two months to search for the lamp, which was part of a treasure hunting contest launched by a company called Treasure Games in January. For a sliding subscription fee, treasure hunters were given clues as to where the lamp was hidden.

Those lucky enough to locate the lamp were then given the choice of $1 million in cash or three wishes worth $1.2 million, according to Treasure Games founder Dirk Gibson. Novak and Bush opted for the three wishes, which they are planning to pay forward.

The couple chose a charitable donation to Hare Krishna Food for Life Group for their first wish, which Novak says helped him when he was experiencing homelessness. “For me, it was the biggest gift to be able to give them money for this because I used to be a taker,” he told WWLP 22 News. I just took, and I needed help and wanted help.”

For their second and third wishes, the couple requested to buy the Southwest Motel in Grants, NM that they plan on fixing up; as well as a Sprinter van to better accommodate their four dogs when embarking on future treasure hunts. 

On their final trip to Dallas, Novak and Bush decided to stay an extra day because they had a feeling they were close to finding the treasure. Interestingly enough, the clue that tipped them off was related to an episode of Seinfeld. Though, it wasn’t revealed what the clue was, nor the secret location of the lamp. “The initial moment, I was in shock,” Novak recalled.

In addition to the donation, the couple plans to launch their own treasure hunt, with a pot starting at $5,000. “And it will be a lot easier than this one—meant to be solved within a weekend or a week,” Bush noted.  

The popularity of these so-called treasure hunts have been exploding in recent years, with an Iowa woman winning a $25,000 jackpot last summer after making several trips to Utah to follow painstakingly orchestrated clues. As for Treasure Games, the company plans to launch its next $1 million contest in June.

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