Best SARMs for Weight Loss


Let’s face it. You’re overworked. You’re stressed. Your pants don’t fit so great and you feel the need to switch off the lights before having sex. I’ve been there. But fear not, there may be a solution. Not for the depression, just the fat though.

SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) have been all the rave these days, with people proclaiming that they could change your life, make your ripped, and so much more. Is this just some weird scam like that lady with the deep voice and the blood pills, or are these SARMs actually legit? Let’s find out.

How do SARMs cause weight loss?

Best SARMs for Weight Loss

Think of SARMs as instructors to Androgenic receptors. They bind to these receptors, and instruct them to force a change in that particular area. Normal SARMs will do this by mimicking Testosterone, which will cause muscle gain, and to an extent fat loss as well. A good thing to note however, is that not all SARMs are exactly the same. Some will be better at burning fat, while others are just exceptionally good at making you big; just like your mom.

Fat burning SARMs are the ones that don’t specifically mimic Testosterone at the receptor. Something like Cardarine acts as a PPAR Delta Agonist. Lot’s of fancy words basically meaning that it changes the biology of how your body manages energy levels. Imagine putting your car in Neutral and flooring it. Still faster than your Honda though.

Other SARMs will act differently, and cause an increase in fat burning capabilities in their own way. Something almost all SARMs will do, is cause muscle hypertrophy. Someone with more muscles will naturally burn more calories just by staying alive.

So which SARMs are best for Weight Loss?

Weight loss will obviously be predominantly determined by a caloric deficit, and hopefully you’re doing some training as well. If not, go do some weights. Regardless, if you’re looking for that fat burning supercharger, here are the best options:

#1 Most Trusted SARMs

Cardarine GW501516

One hell of a name, and one hell of a tool! Cardarine is an exceptional tool for weight loss. It’ll preserve muscle loss while you’re in your diet, but also massively accelerate weight loss. As mentioned earlier, Cardarine is technically not a SARM but actually a PPAR Delta Agonist. It’ll bind to PPAR Delta receptors, and cause the body to just burn more energy.

Usually dosed as a liquid shown here by Chemyo, you do sometimes find pills or capsules. Cardarine is also known to increase vascularity – combined with the weight loss this could also massively help with cardiovascular capabilities.

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  • Lowers the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Greater fat loss


  • Liver toxicity and damage
  • Stomach pain
  • Not approved for human use

#1 Most Trusted SARMs

Andarine S4

No I’m not referring the souped-up Audi, I’m talking about how souped-up you’re gonna be after taking S4! Fun fact, souped-up comes from old horse racing when horses used to be fed the special sauce in their soup. Anyways, S4 is quite a strong SARM. In fact, it’s widely advised not to be the first SARM you sign the dotted line with.

S4 will amplify your weight loss endeavors by lowering lipoprotein lipase, which will accelerate fat loss. It will also make you more anabolic, and chances of you losing muscle will be very slim. Bonus, it massively accelerates recovery periods as well! Hop on over to Chemyo to get you a flavored Andarine S4 – something you don’t find everyday.

Available at various retailers online such as Chemyo.

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  • Helps gain muscle mass
  • Can improve bone strength
  • Creates cut and dry look


  • Hormone suppression
  • Vision-related problems, night blindness
  • Liver toxicity

#3 Most Trusted SARMs

MK677 Ibutamoren

No MK677 isn’t some awesome cyborg 007, in fact it’s just called Nutrabol. Nutrabol is actually a very good SARM to use if your goal is to lose weight, while retaining or even gaining some muscle whilst on your diet. See, Nutrabol can raise IGF-1 levels slightly, which can lead to muscle growth. It can lower cortisol, which will enable you to have less of a stressful load on your body, enabling you to burn more calories and train harder!

It’s fairly easy to get your hands on Nutrabol, as seen here from Rats Army. A great addition to your weight loss stack, it can give you a very shredded look whilst still retaining a great amount of mass.

Available at various retailers online such as Chemyo.

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  • Preserves Muscle
  • Promote Muscle Mass
  • Decrease Cortisol Production


  • Headache
  • Water retention
  • Swollen extremities
  • Tingling and numbness of the extremities
  • Joint pain

What are SARMs?

The human body has Androgen receptors throughout, spread from muscles, bones, to even the prostate. They play a crucial role, as the natural Androgenic hormones humans produce need to bind at specific places for our bodies to function normally. Thus, a good and safe amount of Androgenic hormones is all fine and good.

Steroids are exogenous Androgenic hormones. These bind to all of the androgenic receptors in the human body, and cause a biological chance in them. This is great for muscle hypertrophy, but not so great for other parts – such as your prostate or your liver. See, those will also undergo the change due to the exogenous hormones, and that’s how you end up with prostate cancer.

Best SARMs for Weight Loss

Steroids are often prescribed to individuals suffering from certain muscular atrophy illnesses, such as AIDS patients. In fact, AIDS patients are often prescribed Anadrol. Anadrol is an extremely powerful oral steroid, and incredibly liver toxic. SARMs, like the RAD140 shown above, were designed to perform similar to steroids in muscular hypertrophy, but to not have the adverse effects associated with steroids. SARMs, like the name suggests, are selective in nature, and will only (mostly) bind to the Androgen receptors within the muscles and bones, therefor having fewer side effects than steroids.

Other Benefits of SARMs

SARMs are so much more than just a fat burning booster, there’s a reason plenty of athletes started using the things.

1) Increase in Lean Muscle Mass

SARMs are very well known for causing an increase in lean muscle mass. They were originally designed for that purpose, to help with hospital patients who are suffering from muscle wastage. Plenty of bodybuilders, cross fitters, and other athletes use SARMs like S23 for their potent muscle building qualities.

2) Endurance

It won’t come as a surprise that some Crossfit athletes have been found to use SARMs, as they could really help their performance. One of those benefits is the fact that SARMs can boost your endurance. Yup, SARMs like Ligandrol has been shown to significantly improve cardiovascular capabilities.

3) Increased Bone Density

Ever looked at your local powerlifter and thought “Wow 5 minutes rest between squats, jeez”. Me too. But have you also thought as to how their bones can cope with those massive squats?? Well, it won’t come as a surprise that weight training has been shown to increase bone density (1). Thus, having strong bones is certainly going to help you. Guess what? SARMs bind to the androgenic receptors in your bones and increases their density.

Are SARMs even Legal?

Kinda? Well, the only way to purchase them are if they’re labeled as “Research Chemicals”. If they aren’t labeled as such, well that’s illegal. If you are someone who is competing in a sport that is regulated by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) then you’re out of luck, they’re banned. Fun fact, even drinking too much coffee before a test will get you banned!

WADa Side Effects

Unfortunately, everything comes at a price. Chips comes with guilt, online dating comes with Chlamydia and owning a Tesla comes with smugness. SARMs will have side effects, and will almost always be dose dependant. What that means is the more you use, the worse you end up experiencing the sides. Side effects can be individual, and can also just be down to the type of SARM you’re using. Let’s look at some of the most common ones.

Testosterone Suppression

Yup, even SARMs can do this. See, normally exogenous Testosterone will supress your endogenous production of Testosterone. SARMs, most of them at least, do not cause this at all. Some SARMs such as the aforementioned S4 can do this. In this scenario, it might be best to make use of a PCT (post cycle treatment) to keep your testies functioning.

Organ Damage

While SARMs were designed to no be as toxic as steroids, they unfortunately are still toxic, just like your ex. Specifically the liver and kidneys. See, all oral steroids and SARMs needs to be broken down by the liver, and in that process does put a fair bit of strain on the liver. Solution? Lower doses, or just use the correct supplements.


Another common side effect we hear steroid users complain about, “Oh, my lipids are out of range.”. Basically, they have cholesterol issues. This is something that SARMs definitely do cause, as quite a few studies (and anecdotal evidences) does show that SARMs lower HDL (the good cholesterol).

Who should use SARMs for Weight Loss?

Adults. If you haven’t completed puberty or you’re not fully developed, walk away. If you are an adult, and you are looking to get a slight edge in your weight loss journey, it could very well be for you. Just make sure you study the specific side effects associated with the SARM you intend on using – for instance don’t use SARMs unless your lipids are in range.

Best SARMs for Weight Loss

That being said, you’re still gonna have to work. SARMs won’t magically you look like Chris Hemsworth. Dieting, training, rest and supplementation, they all still play the biggest roles when it comes to weight loss.

Common Questions on SARMs

How much Weight can I lose on SARMs?

It depends. Someone at 30% bodyfat is going to lose a lot faster than someone at 3%. Optimally, you’d aim to lose between 0.5 – 1.0 % of bodyweight per week.

Do you lose your gains after SARMs?

If you fail to train and diet correctly, yes. Keep on training and dieting, you could end up keeping 80% of your gains.

Do I gain the fat back after SARMs?

Again, if you keep eating correctly and training, you’ll gain minimal fat.

Do SARMs increase Aggression?

Some do yes. The stronger SARMs like S23 could potentially increase aggression whilst on cycle.


We’re all looking for that edge to get rid of some weight and get that perfect Gram pic. SARMs can very well be that edge for the right person, with hundreds of people claiming that they have great results off SARMs. Unfortunately, it’s not the magic pill we all wish existed, and will still require dieting and training. Otherwise, solid stuff!

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