Best Bike Locks to Keep Your Two Wheels Safe


You’ve got a nice bike and now you need to protect it. While there’s no such thing as a theft-proof bike lock, certain locks give your bike a fighting chance against thieves, while others work well as a deterrent to “opportunity theft,” like punk kids looking to boost a joy ride. Choosing the best bike locks breaks down to how long you want to leave your bike locked, and whether or not your turf is prone to theft.

If you need to leave your bike on a city street for hours at a time, then thicker chains and U-locks offer the best security. If you only need to leave your bike for a few minutes outside a suburban daycare facility, then a cable lock or one of the new zip-tie style locks might be enough protection. We’ve picked nine of the best locks on the market, from lightweight options that offer visual deterrents to the burliest locks for high-risk areas.

Thinking about a lock that’s not on this list? Sold Secure, an independent tester of locks based in the UK, rates a variety of bike locks, giving them a Diamond, Gold, Silver, or Bronze status based on how tough it is for their staff of locksmiths to break through.

Check out our guide on keeping your bike safe from theft here.

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