Workout Essentials: What to Pack for the Gym


Having a great workout plan and a membership of a well-equipped gym is essential if you want to make good progress on your body. However, it is well-known that there can be no progress without proper exercise. And there can be no good exercising without confidence. How do you boost your confidence?

Well, by knowing what to put in your gym bag. When you have all the right items, you start your workouts confidently knowing that you have all the stuff you need before and after your session. But what are these items? Let’s take a look.

Proper sneakers Optimal Workout Shoes

Refrain from being too lazy to pack your gym sneakers before going for a workout. Firstly, there’s probably nothing worse than working out in a random pair of shoes. Especially if you are a lifter. Lifters have to wear appropriate shoes because of the type of workout. When you lift heavy weights, you have to put on a specialized pair of shoes with durable soles that are firm and flat. You don’t want to hit the weights in your old running shoes only for them to burst in the middle of a lift. You could end up with severe injuries to your joints. Therefore, remember to buy a decent pair of shoes that fit your workout style and throw them into your gym bag.

Lean shorts

lean shorts

When you work out you have to move freely, you can’t let your clothes limit your movement. And that’s why you have to wear good shorts. Almost every serious exercise requires you to use your legs at least to some extent so don’t block them by wearing something ridiculous. On top of that, many gyms have a dress code which you have to follow. Again, buy according to your workout style. You can’t make a mistake with a simple pair of good running, cross-training, or basketball shorts. Just make sure that they are lightweight, breathable, and that they dry fast. Pairing that with some compression undershorts would be perfect.

Lifter’s hoodie

This clothing item is a must if you are a proud lifter. It doesn’t matter if you like wearing a t-shirt under it or not, finding your favorite gym hoodie is the only right thing to do. Especially if you’re proud of your arms and shoulders. Showing off a bit won’t hurt and you’ll feel awesome. On top of that, wearing a handpicked (you’ll know a good hoodie when you see it) item from ever-popular men’s gym hoodies also has beneficial effects on your performance.

Many lifters like to pair these hoodies with a compression shirt in order to sweat more. And when you sweat more, you do more. You easily get the blood pumping and your muscles get that energy they need. They get the fuel to grow bigger. That’s why you’ll often see LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony working out and dropping some dimes in their favorite hoodies.


Having a t-shirt in your gym bag should go without saying. First of all, many athletes like to work out in a t-shirt, and secondly, you always need one after you’re done. Make sure that you find a t-shirt that fits you comfortably. Bear in mind that t-shirts get dirty the fastest, so it wouldn’t hurt if you packed two or even three just to be sure. You can also invest in a compression t-shirt since that piece of garment actually helps with the blood flow. As it is mentioned, better blood flow means better performance.


This is non-debatable, this is a must. Pack plenty of fresh underwear! You’ll need it after you’re done. Some people like to fit in workout midday and then head back to the office instead of going home. So, an extra pair of boxers won’t hurt. Also, since you’re a gym enthusiast, it is highly recommended that you buy fitted boxer briefs or trunks. The latter piece of garment is especially good if you like to do a bit of cardio during your workout.

Good wrist straps

Lifters adore the deadlift, so this item had to find its place on the list of gym bag essentials. If you like the deadlift and similar exercises, you have to put on some good wrist straps. Always go for quality leather when buying, those are quite durable. Remember, it doesn’t matter how strong your back is, if you can’t hold the bar it’s not going anywhere. With good wrist straps, you get better traction on the barbell which will provide your grip with an immediate boost.

Next time you start packing your bag for the gym, remember to take a look at this list just to make sure that you don’t forget something you’ll dearly miss during the workout!

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