Wife Turns Husband’s Dallas Cowboys Reactions Into a Bingo Game


With the Super Bowl looming and pro football teams finishing up the postseason, many wives are eagerly awaiting the return of their husbands from being glued to the TV every weekend. But one woman isn’t letting her husband’s dedication to the Dallas Cowboys get her down; in fact, she’s turned it into a fun game for herself. 

Makenzie Waters shared a look into her special game on TikTok. It’s a modified version of bingo where she has various actions her husband would do written on the board, such as “loud claps,” “air punch,” “apologizes to baby,” “runs with baby,” and “hands behind head.” One by one, she crosses off each square on the board. 

Her latest game started with “shoes from Whoville” as he walks into the living room wearing kicks seemingly meant for How the Grinch Stole Christmas. His sartorial choices for the game also led to another square being crossed off: “Long shorts? Short pants?” When their baby Coop emerged wearing a Cowboys jersey, she crossed off “brings baby out in jersey.” 

After a good play, she crossed off the squares reading “Let’s go!” and “loud claps,” which was soon followed by “quiet claps.” When his yelling scares Coop, she crosses off “scares the baby,” and when she tells her husband what he did, he apologizes to their young one—another square crossed out. After her husband crawled on the floor in disappointment, she proudly declared she’d gotten bingo; she won with “brings baby out in jersey,” “crawls,” “scares the baby,” “quiet claps,” and the free space. 


Cowboys bingo with baby Coop ?

♬ original sound – Makenzie Waters

That’s certainly one way to avoid turning it into a drinking game. 

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