Why You Need to Get More Spicy Food in Your Diet


People all over the world attempting to get fit and healthy seek out the fabled superfoods to base their diet around. From blueberries to wheatgrass, there are many superfoods that you are suggested to get into your diet. However, one particularly popular type of food offers a variety of flavours and many health perks.

Spicy food boasts a huge range of health benefits which people all over the world have made the most of throughout the centuries. Now, we have scientific research that has been tested and validated which proves that having spicy food in your diet is good for you.

Now, when we say spicy food, we don’t just mean the burn your mouth, eye-watering curries which are so hot that flavour can’t even factor in. Spicy food can still be delicious and healthy even when towards the lower end of the Scoville scale. Best of all, there are many incredibly tasty and spicy dishes to try out to get these health kicks.

Spicy food for a healthy heart

The belief that spicy foods are good for your heart came from spicy food-loving cultures having a much lower incidence of heart attacks and strokes, as shown by Self.com. Looking at areas like India, East Asia, East Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America, spicy food is a staple of their diet. Curries and spice-infused dishes are ingrained in their eating culture.

It’s said that the damaging effects of bad cholesterol, or LDL, can be reduced by chilli peppers. Furthermore, the capsaicin within the chilli – the component that causes the burning sensation – can fight one of the risk factors for heart problems, inflammation. So, getting spicy food into your diet can offer huge upsides for one of the most important organs in your body. In Australia, as shown by Deliveroo.com.au, the spiciest foods on offer include Szechuan king prawns, chicken jungle curry, and the Tom Yum seafood spicy sour soup.

Spicy food for weight loss

It was once a hotly debated issue as to whether or not spicy food actually helped people to achieve weight loss. But, these days, it’s a well-known fact. LiveStrong.com reports that a Laval University study found that your metabolism can be increased by eating red pepper, which allows your body to burn energy more efficiently.

Further research has backed up the Laval University findings and, now, you’ll find peppers as a staple in many healthy dishes. It has also been found that red peppers can ease hunger pangs as well. So, if you’re looking to lose weight or even just maintain your weight, get some red peppers involved.

Spicy food for your immune system

The heat and aggressive qualities of spicy foods can be eaten to battle in your favour. Peppers, in particular, can not only boost your immune system but they’ll also help you fight off illnesses like the common cold.

According to Woman’s Health Magazine, spicy peppers are loaded with immune system-boosting vitamins A and C, which, in turn, help to fend off the common cold. Then, their spicy qualities go yet another step further. The additional heat that reaches your gut helps to kill germs that could eventually wind up giving you a cold.

As you can see, the potential upsides of adding spicy food to your diet can be phenomenal. Best of all, it’s not just one superfood; you can enjoy a huge range of foods and flavours which come under the spicy food umbrella!

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