Why Dave Portnoy ‘Panicked’ When Caught With Mystery Woman at NBA Playoffs


On the most recent episode of the BFFs podcast, hosted by Josh Richards and Brianna Chickenfry, Dave Portnoy explained why he “panicked” when caught on camera with a 25-year-old woman during the fourth game of the Celtics-Heat first-round playoff series on Monday night.

The original footage shows a clearly embarrassed Portnoy sitting next to a woman later identified as Camryn D’Aloia. As the two realize they’re sitting directly behind broadcasters, and right in the middle of the camera’s glare, D’Aloia covers her face with her hand and Portnoy shifts uncomfortably.

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On Tuesday night, the BFFs podcast went live with Portnoy as their guest. Richards and Chickenfry wasted no time in asking him about the conspicuous viral moment.

“Very unfortunate set of circumstances, I’ll say that,” the Barstool founder replied. “Because…well, I’m sensitive to the fact I’m six months, five-and-a-half months, out of a relationship, so being seen on a date or with a girl, was not what I was trying to do.”

Last November, Portnoy and influencer Silvana Mojica ended their relationship after three years together. During their time together, they were often spotted court-side at Celtics games. Portnoy told Richards and Chickenfry that this was a point he was sensitive to, but the cameras threw off his plan.

“I turned down courtside [seats],” Portnoy explained, saying, “I don’t want to be pictured, I don’t want to be on TV, I don’t want any of it.” He eventually accepted two tickets from a Barstool employee, but no one knew exactly where the seats would be.

“We walk in, sit down, and I know instantly I have a problem. No idea where these tickets were. They are right behind the broadcaster. It was the two worst tickets—and there’s the reaction, like, ‘What the f–k.’”

Portnoy continued: “We sat down and it’s like, ‘We are f–ked.’ That’s the initial [reaction]. You can see us on the screen. I think I told her, ‘Just don’t panic, just don’t panic.’ You guys can appreciate that there is a level of notoriety that stinks when you’re well-known. We just wanted to go to the Celtics game.”

Portnoy and D’Aloia eventually left their seats mid-game and purchased two more seats that were far away from prying camera lenses.

“I bought two tickets in real-time in different seats and moved just three rows back and out of the way,” Portnoy explained. “I should have known better. I panicked…It happened so fast and then we were like, we can’t sit here. Literally, we just moved back three rows…[Initially] I went out of my way to be like where can I sit where it won’t be on TV. I just wanted to watch the game. It didn’t work out like that at all.”

Portnoy noted that D’Aloia “doesn’t want to be found” by internet sleuths, and was rather humiliated by the whole imbroglio. “She had an awful time,” he noted. “She could not enjoy the game at all.”

He went on to clarify that the relationship between them isn’t serious, even if D’Aloia does sometimes shoot his social media videos. “I’m friends with this girl, we’ve hung out,” Portnoy explained. “It’s not boyfriend-girlfriend, obviously.”

You can check out Portnoy’s full BFFs interview below.

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