Why Chris Pine Gets ‘A Kick’ Out of Being Called a Nepo Baby


Nepo babies have existed in Hollywood for decades, but criticism of the children of famous actors has reached a fever pitch in recent years. As the son of actors Robert Pine and Gwynne Gilford, Chris Pine falls into this category, though the Poolman star doesn’t see it that way. 

In fact, Pine thinks it’s funny that he can even be considered a nepo baby. In a May 6 interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, Pine reflected on his status as an “auditioning actor” who has to work for his roles rather than be handed them simply because of his last name. 

“I get such a kick out of the nepo baby thing,” the Star Trek star admitted. “My family has such a laugh about it as if people are like, ‘You’ve got to, you have to hire Robert Pine’s son!'” He acknowledged that “that stuff” exists, but he’s never experienced it personally.

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He later looked back on a time when his dad’s name actually did get him an audition.  The elder Pine had an existing relationship with the casting directors for Gilmore Girls, though Chris ultimately didn’t get the part. 

“I got an audition very, very early on for Gilmore Girls,” he recounted. “My father was in an audition that he didn’t book, but the casting directors loved him and he loved the casting directors and he said, ‘My son’s an actor and he’s just coming back from Williamstown [Theatre Festival], this theater festival back east. Would you see him?’ They said ‘Sure.'”

“I came in, auditioned, I didn’t get the part,” he remembered. “So I got a leg in. Like, yeah, I got an audition, but you’ve got to show your chops.”

Robert Pine has continued to act into his eighties, and his son was happy to report that he’s still in great shape. “He has his wits about him and god, knock on wood, he’s healthy and spry and cute as can be,” he said. 

Chris Pine’s directorial debut Poolman is in theaters May 10. 

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