Web Stories – 7 Side Effects of Rapid Weight Loss


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If you are overweight, losing weight can be important because healthy body weight is essential to maintain good health. However, losing weight is not just about being slim. It is primarily about being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. Being overweight or obese may cause many health issues. Similarly, losing weight rapidly is going to cost you your mental and physical health. For example, obesity might lead to diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Therefore, weight loss may be crucial for obese people.

People try various methods of losing weight drastically. However, losing weight slowly and over a period is much healthier. It comes with fewer health risks than drastic weight loss. Severe weight loss can lead to some health complications. Additionally, it can be hard to maintain.

Losing or gaining a few kilos throughout the year is normal. However, you can achieve healthy weight loss only through diet and exercise. Therefore, if you start losing weight drastically without even trying, you should consult a doctor immediately. 

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