Web Stories – 6 Health Benefits of Oyster Mushrooms


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Oyster mushroom, scientifically known as Pleurotus ostreatusis a common edible mushroom. You can find it in temperate and subtropical forests. Its name comes from its caps, which resemble an oyster. Oyster mushrooms are full of nutrients, minerals, and protein. As a result, it has multiple health benefits and medicinal properties. For example, it helps lower heart disease risk and provides you with antioxidants. Additionally, oyster mushrooms can be used as meat substitutes in many dishes due to their taste and texture.

Classified as per nutritional values, appearance and taste, you can find about 40 varieties of oyster mushrooms. These include king oyster mushrooms, pearl oyster, pink oyster mushrooms, phoenix oyster, golden oyster, and blue oyster. People in many East Asian cultures use oyster mushrooms in various dishes. For example, people use them to make soups, stir-fry, or even sauces. Besides their culinary uses, oyster mushrooms have several industrial and environmental applications.

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