Video: Elizabeth Hurley, 58, Strips Down to Her Skivvies for Photo Shoot


Elizabeth Hurley has done quite a lot in her lengthy career as an actress and model. Throughout the decades, Hurley has done plenty of photo shoots, including some scantily clad ones with German photographer Ellen von Unwerth. For their latest collaboration, Hurley stripped down to her underwear for the camera. 

“Whenever I shoot with Ellen von Unwerth I always end up in my underwear. Heigh ho,” the 58-year-old captioned an Instagram post from the session. In the behind-the-scenes clips, Hurley poses against a mirror wearing a beige Christian Dior underwear set, complete with a beige trench coat draped over her body. 

As the British actress approaches 60, she’s able to stay in great shape by focusing on her health. 

“My mantra is: Don’t eat too much, too fast, too often or too late. Or, put another way, eat smaller meals, chew properly, ban snacking, and eat dinner earlier. This works for me,” she said in an Instagram post earlier this year. “I don’t drink weird green juices or shakes and only take supplements if a blood test tells me I’m lacking something. I try to have vegetables or fruit equal half of every plate I eat — i.e. if I have a sandwich, I also eat an apple.”

“I eat pretty much everything but only have junk food as an absolute treat — and I count junk food as anything that contains any ingredient that I don’t have in my own kitchen, so that includes ‘diet’ and ‘low-fat’ everything, all ready meals, all bought sandwiches, cakes and biscuits, and all sodas,” she continued. “My best investment was a bread maker and I make a loaf a day. I also make cakes every weekend.”

“Other than diet, my other advice is to move more,” she added. “I don’t go to the gym or do any set exercise but I’m extremely active.”

Hurley’s latest movie, Strictly Confidential, directed by her son Damian, is now available on Prime Video and Apple TV+. 

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