Travis Kelce Is ‘Too Famous’ to Text Back, Former Teammate Says


Travis Kelce has been playing for the Kansas City Chiefs for a decade, and throughout that time, he’s put in work and earned the recognition of being a superstar tight end. He’s won two Super Bowl rings with the team, most recently last year, and his profile has only continued to grow in recent months thanks to his relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift

One of Kelce’s former teammates has noticed Kelce’s apparent preoccupation with his life at the moment firsthand. Tyreek Hill joined the Chiefs in the 2016 season and stood alongside Kelce when the team won the Super Bowl in 2020. Hill left the Chiefs for the Miami Dolphins in 2022 and most recently faced off against his old team in November, where the Chiefs emerged victorious. 

Hill’s contact with his former teammates in recent times has been limited, to say the least. He spoke about his relationship with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce specifically with reporters on Jan. 11. “I haven’t texted Mahomes since they beat our ass,” he admitted. 

“I texted Kelce and he still hasn’t texted me back. He’s probably still on his Taylor Swift thing,” he added. “Those guys are too famous for me now, I guess.”

Tyreek Hill says he hasn’t texted Mahomes since KC “beat our ass.”

Also says Travis Kelce hasn’t texted him back. “He’s probably still on his Taylor Swift thing…those guys are too famous for me now.”

— Clay Ferraro (@ClayWPLG) January 11, 2024

The Chiefs and the Dolphins will meet once again on Jan. 13 for the NFL Wild Card Round. The game is set to take place in minus-5-degree temperature, potentially setting a new record for the coldest NFL game ever played in Kansas City. 

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