Tina Fey Gave Hilarious Advice to ‘SNL’s’ Bowen Yang About Authenticity


Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. That’s essentially the advice Tina Fey gave to Bowen Yang on the latest episode of the Saturday Night Live star’s Las Culturistas podcast that he hosts with Matt Rogers.

Fey made the remarks during the “I Don’t Think So, Honey” segment at the end of the podcast, in which Yang, Rodgers, and their guest are given 60 seconds to rant about a cultural element they find frustrating. When it was her turn, the 53-year-old brought up past comments Yang had evidently made against the 2023 film Saltburn.

“I don’t think so honey, Bowen Yang giving his real opinions about movies on this podcast,” she said, eliciting a horrified and delighted shriek from Yang. “I regret to inform you that you are too famous now, sir. What’s gonna happen? You have a problem with Saltburn? Shhh! Quiet luxury. Keep it to yourself, because what you are gonna do when Emerald Fennell calls you about her next project where you play Carey Mulligan’s coworker in the bridal section of Harrods, and then act three takes a sexually violent turn and you have to pretend to be surprised by that turn?

“You hang out with Ariana and SpongeBob now, that is your life, OK?” Fey continued, referencing Yang’s Wicked costars. And Matt Rodgers, I can tell you, you got about one year left. Yes, learn from my mistakes. Learn from Ayo, podcasts are forever. Authenticity is dangerous and expensive. I don’t think so honey!”

AYO’S COMMENT I CAN’T pic.twitter.com/626Rs4sny0

— feral (@ncrmalpeople) February 9, 2024

Fey was referring to comments about Jennifer Lopez made by actress and comedian Ayo Edebiri that resurfaced just before she was to host Saturday Night Live, which featured Lopez as the musical guest. During a 2020 episode of the podcast Scam Goddess, before she was widely known for The Bear, among other things, Edebiri said that Lopez’s “whole career is one long scam.” “She thinks, like, she’s still good, even though she’s not singing for most of these songs,” the 28-year-old said.

Edebiri made amends, of sorts, during a sketch in the episode in which she appeared as a contestant on a fake game show called “Why’d You Say It.” While trying to justify leaving a mean comment on a social media post, her character said: “OK, OK! We get it. It’s wrong to leave mean comments or post comments just for clout or run your mouth on a podcast and you don’t consider the impact because you’re 24 and stupid.”

In either case, whether you’re famous or not, it’s a good reminder for everyone that our words can come back to haunt us.

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