Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Stage ‘Weekend Update Reunion at 2024 Emmys


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reclaimed their seats behind SNL’s Weekend Update desk at the Primetime Emmy Awards on Monday night, where they presented the statue for Outstanding Live Variety Special. Appearing behind a mock-up of the variety show’s famous newsroom, Fey joked that “we’ve reached the stage in life where we’ll only present awards sitting down.”

Fey and Poehler slipped effortlessly back into their hosting personas as they ran down the list of nominees, which included Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime show (“the concert so good it got us all pregnant”) and the Oscars telecast (“the only show that’s longer than when they aired Titanic with commercials on TBS.”)

Poehler used the bit to lightly rib her close friend and former SNL desk-mate, using Elton John’s nomination for his Farewell from Dodger Stadium show to shout out the musician’s EGOT status, a phrase coined by Fey’s NBC series 30 Rock. John ultimately won the award, adding yet another “E” to his long list of awards.

When Poehler suggested that the Tonys celebrated “the best in musicals based on movies which will probably be movies again,” Fey forcefully pushed herself into her co-host’s shot.

“There’s nothing wrong with that!” Fey defended. She’s currently celebrating the better-than-expected debut of her Mean Girls musical remake, which was adapted from a Broadway show based on the 2004 film. Fey wrote the stage musical as well as the new movie, and reprises her original role in the latter.

Poehler was nominated for an Emmy on Monday for her hosting role, opposite fellow SNL alum Maya Rudolph, on Peacock’s Baking It. Despite being nominated a stunning 20 times, Poehler has only won once, in 2016 for a guest appearance opposite Fey on SNL. Fey, meanwhile, has won nine Primetime Emmy awards.

Their appearance on Monday comes ahead of SNL’s 50th anniversary show in February.

I didn’t realize how much I needed this Tina Fey and Amy Poehler #Emmys mome. #75thEmmys pic.twitter.com/KRFdxSG8SY

— FOX (@FOXTV) January 16, 2024

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