TikToker Offers an Inside Look at the Exclusive Mercedes-AMG ONE


TikToker Enes Yılmazer, an influencer who tours some of the most opulent mansions, yachts, and vehicles in the world, recently posted a video offering an exclusive look inside the Mercedes-AMG ONE. Only 275 models of the AMG ONE exist, and each sells for about $5 million.

The Formula 1-inspired AMG ONE currently holds the title of the fastest lap on the famed Nürburgring race track. It’s made with a carbon-fiber frame, with the iconic Mercedes Benz logo painted onto the hood, with more hand-painted logos decorating the rear of the vehicle.

The wheels are 19-inch center locks with a carbon-fiber trim. Vents above the front tires are designed to assist with downforce on the front axles. The AMG ONE also comes equipped with a 1.6-liter V6 Formula 1 engine that produces 1,063 horsepower.

Remarkably light butterfly doors lead into the opulent interior, which is designed to evoke a Formula 1 racer. Passengers will be swaddled by thick seats attached to the carbon-fiber body and a “minimalist general console,” which includes a sleek, dainty touchscreen. There’s an additional screen on the ceiling above the windscreen in place of a rear-view mirror.

But the AMG ONE’s pièce de résistance is the steering wheel. Designed to look like one in a (you guessed it) Formula 1 vehicle, and with six varied driving modes, it’s enough to make any driver feel like they’re in their favorite video game.

However, there’s one massive caveat for those hoping to purchase an AMG ONE. “Every 30,000 miles, you have to get the engine rebuilt for $30,000, which is kind of insane,” Yılmazer explained, slightly underselling the true cost of that clause.

You can check out Yılmazer’s full Mercedes AMG ONE tour below.


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