This Latin American Country Was Just Named the Best Place to Retire


Retiring in the U.S. is becoming increasingly difficult for many people, leading some to turn their focus to other regions around the world. Some countries are more welcoming to expats than others, and retiring comfortably can look very different from place to place. 

International Living took the guesswork out of where to plant your retirement roots with its annual list of the best places to retire for 2024. Unsurprisingly, the top spot went to Costa Rica, which remains a popular destination for both American tourists and retirees alike. Latin America is the most-represented region on the index, with Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, and Colombia all occupying spots on the top 10. European options include sunny locales like Portugal, Spain, Greece, and France. 

The list was compiled using real-life experiences of retirees living in these countries, rather than investigating from thousands of miles away. 

“We have our people out there pounding the pavement in attractive overseas communities we know you should consider. They’re reporting back to us with insights and information about what’s really going on,” International Living explained about the index. “They’re not beholden to relocation service providers or real estate agents or tourism boards or economic development organizations. They work for you.” 

Costa Rica‘s picturesque tropical beaches and lush jungles are certainly a big draw, but the index considers various factors beyond climate when determining the overall best places to retire. These include hurdles like visas and other necessary considerations like housing, cost of living, and healthcare. 

Read up on the top 10 places to retire below and start looking into possible relocation requirements. 

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Portugal
  3. Mexico
  4. Panama
  5. Spain
  6. Ecuador
  7. Greece
  8. Malaysia
  9. France
  10. Colombia

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