These Were the Most- and Least-Fined Teams in the NFL This Season


With the 2023–24 NFL season heading into the playoffs, fans are naturally excited about what comes next. But what about what already went down on the field? When it comes to racking up fines for on-field play, some teams significantly outpaced others this year.

According to an analysis from MyBettingSitesCanada, the average team earned $162,313 in fines through week 17. But a few were much higher than that. The Pittsburgh Steelers came out with the most fines this season, totaling $478,091. That was followed by the Baltimore Ravens at $321,789, and then the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Seattle Seahawks. 

Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars were fined the least, with only $61,950. Other well-behaved teams include the Los Angeles Rams, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, and Green Bay Packers.

“Whilst the fans and the NFL expect players to play within the rules of the game, it is in the nature of the sport that some plays result in fouls,” MyBettingSitesCanada analysts said in a press statement. “The fines collected this season amounting to over $5 million, is an eye-watering amount. However, with these funds being donated to NFL charities—the Professional Athlete Foundation and NFL Foundation—the money will surely be put to good use.

These were the five most-fined teams in the regular season this year:

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers – $478,091
  2. Baltimore Ravens – $321,789
  3. Buffalo Bills – $291,859
  4. New York Jets – $253,345
  5. Seattle Seahawks – $237,621

And the five least-fined teams:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars – $61,950
  2. Los Angeles Rams – $76,277
  3. Carolina Panthers – $84,582
  4. Chicago Bears – $91,618
  5. Green Bay Packers – $92,277

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