These Pocket-Sized Rechargeable Hand Warmers Are 48% Off After Being Purchased 40,000+ Times in the Last Month


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As winter storms make their way across the US, folks are stocking up on portable generators, warm winter jackets, and hardy waterproof boots to help them brave the weather. But now, a front of Arctic air is on the horizon and is anticipated to make temperatures plummet. That’s why some are turning to rechargeable hand warmers to stay toasty wherever they are—and one of Amazon’s top sellers is nearly 50% off right now.

A two-pack of Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers is on sale starting at just $21—up to a 48% discount off the original price of $40. More than 40,000 pairs have been sold in the last month alone, which is enough to earn them the No. 4 ranking in their category. This pair of hand warmers has also earned a 4.6-star rating with more than 3,799 five-star ratings. Crucially, Amazon Prime members can take advantage of fast, free shipping to get these in time for the harsh weather that’s closing in.

Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers (2-Pack), From $21 (was $40) on Amazon The Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers (2-Pack).

Courtesy of Amazon

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The Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers are available in six colorways and offer a break from disposable models that create extra trash, don’t heat for as long, and cost more over time. A little smaller than a standard computer mouse, they weigh just 3.5 ounces, provide up to 12 hours of heat with multiple warmth settings, and charge with a USB-C cord in just three hours. Safety is also a big priority—they’re designed with a premium chip inside that helps prevent short circuits, overcharging, and other mechanical errors that are common concerns with warming products.

They’re also exceptionally easy to use. Once they’re charged using the included split USB-C cord (which charges both, simultaneously), you just long-press the on/off button to activate them. You can also double-click the same button to see the remaining battery life. Once it’s on, click the button to choose from three temperature settings ranging from 104 to 122 degrees. As a bonus, Gutimo’s rechargeable hand warmers snap together so they have less of a chance of getting lost. 

Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers (2-Pack), From $21 (was $40) on Amazon The Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers (2-Pack).

Courtesy of Amazon

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Shoppers have found a myriad of ways to use these rechargeable hand warmers, and many agree they’re the ideal solution for taking winter walks, regardless of temperature. One shopper who needed more dexterity than their thick winter gloves allowed used the Gutimo hand warmers in regular mittens and said they are the “most amazing product I have ever bought for myself.”

Some shoppers have even relied on these hand warmers in the coldest parts of the US. “It gets really cold in Montana, often in the negatives, and can go as low as -20 degrees,” one shopper said. “These little guys have saved my small hands from freezing off every day since I’ve gotten them. I can wear two, or three pairs of gloves but it doesn’t help if my hands aren’t warm to begin with. They’ve been a real lifesaver.”

In the extreme dead of winter, surviving means staying warm. That’s why adding a pair of the Gutimo Rechargeable Hand Warmers to your gloves or coat pocket when walking, shoveling, or even working in a cold office makes the difference between frozen fingers and staying comfortable. With frigid temps in the forecast, we’re expecting these to surge in popularity, so make sure to grab yours now before they’re at risk of selling out. 

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