The Status Of Femuscleblog on VK Media


Join Femuscleblog VK is a Russian social media site. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has caused a wave of censorship in media. RT has been banned in the EU and RT America ended broadcast. Femuscleblog posts on VK because it allows freedom that Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram , and Twitter do not. Certain photos can be posted without fear of having the account shutdown . Russia has also engaged in censorship targeting Facebook. The VK Femuscleblog page might be a target, even though it is not making political statements. VK has been banned in Ukraine prior to the war. Femuscleblog will continue to use the platform despite growing anti-Russian sentiment. The only rational solution is for the two nations to have a peace settlement. A war will only cause death, destruction, and a refugee crisis. Press freedom is also going to be a victim. Femuscleblog will remain on VK as long as the US does not restrict it.

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