The Rock Gets Unfortunate Scatalogical Nickname by WWE Nemesis


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s primary nemesis, Seth Rollins, has (dis)graced the multi-hyphenate star with a scatological nickname that has some WWE experts up in arms. 

Rollins, aka The American Nightmare, and Johnson have had beef for quite some time. In a 21-minute video posted last week, Johnson confirmed they’d soon be settling their differences on Smackdown.

A message from The People’s Champ @wwe @tkogrp

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) March 1, 2024

Rollins appeared at the top of WWE’s Raw on Monday night along with Johnson’s other nemesis, Cody Rhodes, where the two took Johnson down in front of a bloodthirsty crowd. After Rhodes characterized the star’s announcement as “whining for 21 minutes,” Rollins doubled down. “I think I’m gonna call The Rock…” he said, trailing off into thought as the crowd shouted suggestions.

“Hmm,” he mused aloud, before deciding on his new moniker: “How about, Diarrhea Dwayne?”

At this, the crowd erupted into applause. “Yeah, Diarrhea Dwayne. Because he’s been running his mouth, and every single thing that comes out of his mouth has the consistency of wet baby poop,” Rollins explained. “This guy’s a member of the (WWE) board!” Rollins marveled, as the crowd began to fervently chant “diarrhea.”

Not everyone was such a fan of Rollins’ rant, though. Wrestling analyst Vince Russo weighed in on the latest episode of his Legion of Raw podcast, accusing Rollins of degrading the sport.

“Bro, The Rock was super cool and super over 20 years ago, without a shadow of a doubt. When you see Rollins and Cody in a ring, 20 years later, this is what’s cool to today’s wrestling fan,” Russo said. “And bro, I gotta tell you man, holy crap! When you’re talking about ‘Diarrhea Dwayne’ and these wrestling fans are chanting ‘diarrhea,’ oh my God, come on man!”

Johnson has yet to comment on his imposed nickname, but the matter will be settled once and for all when he and Rollins go head-to-head on Smackdown.

“I think I’m gonna call @TheRock Diarrhea Dwayne…”@WWERollins has a new name for The Great One on #WWERaw!

— WWE (@WWE) March 5, 2024

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