The Blundstone Boots That Jake Gyllenhaal Can’t Stop Wearing Just Got Restocked—and They’re 25% Off


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Jake Gyllenhaal‘s character in Road House is both a working man and a gritty fighter, and it seems as though his footwear possesses the same qualities. Just weeks ago, the actor appeared on The Tonight Show to promote his new movie and donned, of all things, a Blundstone work boot with a suit—scrappy but professional.

The boot brand told Men’s Journal that Gyllenhaal’s Chelsea boot is none other than the Blundstone #2246, which is the navy version of the classic #550. Not only did the boot just get restocked, but it’s on sale for only $172—a very rare 25% discount on the normal $230 price. It’s currently available in sizes 4 through 14, but some are starting to sell out (again).

Blundstone #2246 in Navy, $172 (was $230) at Blundstone

Courtesy of Blundstone

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Much like the actor’s character, the Blundstone #2246 boots are capable of taking a beating. They’re made with durable water-resistant leather and feature a heat-treated TPU outsole with a steel shank that’s utterly rugged, whether running around or round-housing your enemies. They’re also very comfortable thanks to a lightweight midsole, a contoured footbed, and XRD tech underfoot that promotes shock absorption. Though the boots are as tough as nails, Gyllenhaal’s outfit proves that they’re more than just farm boots from down under.

Those who have worn the boots say the color is rich and very unique for the brand. “Thought the navy color might be too close to my black [boots] (I have a few pairs of black), but it’s a really good blue…dark and color-saturated,” one shopper wrote.

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON — Episode 1942 — Pictured: Actor Jake Gyllenhaal during an interview on Monday, March 18, 2024 — (Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images)

NBC/Getty Images

Others have noted the generous fit of the boots that adds to their allure. “Love my Blunnies,” another shopper exclaimed. “They were a little big (I ordered the same size as my previous pair) but the supplied inserts and a thicker sock did the trick. The blue color is very nice but does show wear easily. No matter, I will buy them again at some point!”

You don’t have to rock them with a suit like Gyllenhaal, but the Blundstone #2246 is a great all-year Chelsea boot that can go with everything from jeans to hiking shorts. Sizes are starting to fade once again, so make sure to grab yours soon.

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