The Best Cross-Training Shoes of 2024 to Support Every Workout


Compared to the best running shoes or walking shoes—which are designed primarily for forward motion—the best cross-training shoes are built to help athletes move in all directions. 

Cross training can include everything from burpees to med ball slams to rope climbs, striking a blend of HIIT workouts and more traditional strength training. As such, your feet can take a beating. 

When shopping for cross-training shoes, consider the types of training you’ll use them for and how you want your feet to feel. Some shoes offer more support, stability, or traction than others. Below, we’ve rounded up the best cross training shoes from legendary brands like Reebok and Nike, as well as upstarts like R.A.D. Nike Metcon 9 takes the top spot for being incredibly versatile with a slightly raised heel, rubber rope wrap suitable for CrossFitters, and new technology that makes for easy on and off.

So, if you need new shoes for CrossFit, weightlifting, fitness classes, or even pickleball, you’re in the right place. These are the best cross-trainers on the market now.

Best Cross-Training Shoes Overall: Nike Metcon 9 Nike Metcon 9 is our pick for the best cross-training shoe for men.

Spenser Mestel

Just as we’ve come to expect from Nike’s Metcon line, which first became popular among the CrossFit community, Nike Metcon 9 is a cross-training success. What’s new to this iteration is the Hyperlift plate, which slightly raises the heel and makes it easier to squat. There’s also a rubber rope wrap, which protects your foot (and the shoe) against the friction of rope climbs.

Spenser Mestel

Spenser Mestel

Overall, the shoe is comfortable, durable, and easy to move in, which is exactly what a cross-trainer should be. It also has “EasyOn” technology, so you can slide your foot into the shoe without unlacing it. This minimizes transition time if you like to switch between a cross-training shoe and a weightlifting shoe in the same workout. It also preserves the integrity of the shoe if you tend to cram your foot into all workout shoes instead of unlacing.

Unlike some other pairs on this list, which focus on running, this shoe leans into lifting, especially with the higher heel. If you want something a bit lighter, experiment with one of the others in the Metcon line, which is consistently high-quality. 

Pro tip: If you’re on a budget, older pairs are often on sale.

From $164 at Amazon
$150 at Nike

Best Cross-Training Shoes for CrossFit: Reebok Nano X4

Spenser Mestel

Spenser Mestel

For years, Reebok was the official sponsor of the CrossFit Games, and its shoes reflect that commitment to the sport. Like Nike’s Metcon line, Reebok’s Nano line continuously delivers, and Reebok Nano X4 is the lightest, most breathable model yet. 

We’d be impressed if you found a sport, activity, or lift the shoe’s designers hadn’t anticipated. It boasts midfoot ventilation to keep hot spots to a minimum during EMOMs; a grippy rubber outsole for better traction on turf; and Reebok’s Flexweave® woven textile upper, which minimizes weight, improves flexibility, and maintains durability; and a heel clip to keep your feet locked down during high-octane movements like burpees and jump squats. 

From $143 at Amazon
$150 at Zappos

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Weightlifting: R.A.D. One

Spenser Mestel

Seemingly overnight, R.A.D. has exploded onto the fitness scene. R.A.D. One shoes have all the bells and whistles you want—cushion for plyometrics and stability for lifting—and they’re also a bit heavier than the other pairs on the list. 

That makes them more ideal for lifting than for bodyweight movement like L-sits and hollow holds. The design skews more fashionable to boot, making it a great fit for anyone looking to switch up their aesthetic.

$150 at R.A.D.
$150 at Rogue

Most Stylish Cross-Training Shoes: NOBULL Impact NoBull Impact is our pick for the most stylish cross-training shoes.

Courtesy Image

The current sponsor of the CrossFit Games (and recently acquired by Tom Brady’s TB12 brand), NoBull has always focused on comfortable, supportive cross-trainers. NoBull Impact is no different. It’s roughly in line price-wise with the other shoes on this list, but will likely outlive them. 

The SuperFabric® one-piece upper is better apt to withstand wear and tear, standing up to years of grueling workouts. The added cushioning provides welcome shock-absorption during lateral hops and speed work. And a wider toe box maintains stability—making these a great option for those with wide feet. 

Plus, with its more minimal design and wide range of colorways, you can easily wear it from your gym to a bar or restaurant without feeling entirely out of place.

$139 at NoBull

Most Comfortable CrossTraining Shoes: Under Armour UA SlipSpeed Training Shoes

Spenser Mestel

Spenser Mestel

We were skeptical at first about the most obvious feature on Under Armour’s UA SlipSpeed Training Shoes: the BOA fit system. Would twisting a little nob to tighten the shoes really provide all the support we needed for our ankles? (And would it also make us feel like toddlers?) The answer was yes (and no). 

It’s almost hard to go back to conventional laces once you’ve used a BOA closure, which also makes the shoe insanely comfortable and easy to slip on and off. You’re able to make micro-adjustments on the fly if you prefer your shoes to be a bit more snug during high-intensity cardio.

$120 at Under Armour

More Cross-Training Shoes We Love

Best Cross-Training Shoe for Flexibility: Nike Free Metcon 5

Courtesy Image

Unlike some of the other shoes in this category, like NoBull Impact, Nike Free Metcon 5 won’t be confused for a casual shoe. With its chunky, serrated bottom, this is very clearly a piece of fitness equipment, and it does a great job. 

Another shoe from the Nike Metcon line, Free Metcon 5 is more geared for running and supports your ankle well, but it can also handle a lifting sesh. With a flexible forefoot, it also bends for movements like burpees. It’s a favorite among fitness class devotees for its versatility. 

$120 at Nike

Best for Racquet Activities: NOBULL Court Trainer

Courtesy Image

If your cross-training includes a stint on the squash, tennis, racketball, or pickleball court, then we recommend NoBull Court Trainer. The shoe is specially designed to flex as you make quick cuts, and the company describes them as “practically indestructible.” They can also handle a traditional weightlifting or HIIT sessions well.

$139 at NoBull

Best Cross-Training Shoe for Running: lululemon Beyondfeel

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You know lululemon best for its yoga mats and insanely comfortable workout shorts, but as of March 2024, the company is also producing men’s shoes. Based loosely on the women’s shoe, Blissfeel, Beyondfeel Men’s Running Shoe (available March 19) has been adapted to accommodate men’s feet and running patterns, including extra cushioning. Primarily a running shoe, we don’t recommend this for Olympic lifts or powerlifting, but it can definitely handle a conventional weightlifting session or bootcamp class.

$158 at lululemon

Best Budget Cross-Training Shoe: Reebok Nanoflex TR 2.0

Courtesy Image

A big benefit of Reebok’s Nano line, which is now over a dozen years old, is there’s a wide range of shoes in it. Reebok Nanoflex TR 2.0, a budget version of the Reebok Nano, is ideal for someone on a budget, just beginning their fitness journey and still testing shoes, or wants an extra pair they can keep at the gym or just take to travel. They aren’t the most durable, but they’re a solid cross-trainer overall—and at $50, a real bargain in the current landscape. Heads up: The shoe itself is a bit narrow.

From $50 at Amazon

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