The Best Choices of My Life


I recently had the pleasure of talking to Jean Nolan, founder of the Inspired channel, which seeks to share inspiration and education to help you expand your horizons and become the best version of yourself.

As some of you may know, I wasn’t always a holistically-minded physician. I was thoroughly brainwashed during my seven years of medical school, and for the first five years of my private medical practice, my focus was on prescribing drugs and administering vaccines.

My Transition

My switchover began in the early 1990s, when I started educating myself about nutrition and alternative health strategies. Many don’t realize this, but other than basic biochemistry, nutrition has not been taught in medical schools for well over a century. Doctors who are interested in nutrition have to learn that on their own. Networking with and learning from clinicians who are doing it is a major part of that process.

As I started sharing what I was learning with my patients and their health started to improve, my reputation grew and I was seeing patients from all over the U.S., and eventually from other countries as well. It’s a true testament to the fact that nutrition and lifestyle changes really do work, as they address the foundational cause of disease.

They get to the root of the problem, which is something the tools of conventional medicine simply cannot do. A handful of years into this transition, I began to understand and appreciate this important principle and recognized I simply could not continue practicing conventional medicine anymore.

So, I wrote a letter and sent it to all my patients, stating that unless they were willing to commit to getting off all their medications and following comprehensive strategies to address why they were sick, they would need to find another doctor.

Seventy-five percent of my patients left, but that turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened, because those who stayed were truly committed to optimizing their health, they were successful, and my practice expanded by leaps and bounds because of their dedication.

The Medical Polarization and Rise of Consciousness

As mentioned in the interview, the conventional medical system’s criticism of me started long before 2020. I’ve been vilified for decades, so ending up on a “top disinformation list” was no big surprise.

I’ve long felt that being criticized by the mainstream is a badge of honor of sorts, because it means they’re threatened by me and the only reason they’re threatened is because what I’m doing actually works and is changing people’s lives. It’s also taking revenue out of the pockets of a system that is built on continuously masking symptoms.

The failures of the conventional paradigm have, I believe, been unmasked like never before over the past two years. Both prevention and treatment have been shrugged off as “impossible.” People have been told to do nothing, and only once they’re at death’s door should they go to the hospital, where dangerous and unproven treatments have finished off many of these critically ill patients.

The brainwashing we’ve experienced over the past two years has been truly epic. We’ve never experienced anything like it in the history of the known world. They couldn’t have done this were it not for the exponential advance of technological capabilities that allow them to stealthily surveil you, censor truth, and promote the false narrative.

Of course, they’ve been suppressing information and manipulating data for decades. We just didn’t know it. Now, the lies and manipulation of statistics are so blatant, if your eyes are open and you avoid brainwashing, you can easily see them. On the upside, the blatant lies are catalyzing a shift in consciousness, to where people can finally understand how they’ve been fooled all around.

The Food Industry Has Radically Worsened Human Health

The drug industry isn’t the only culprit. I am convinced that the food industry is just as bad. They’ve destroyed so much of our food supply, and when you eat cheap, nutrition-deficient processed food laced with synthetic chemicals and agricultural poisons, there’s simply no way you’re going to be able to maintain good health.

For decades, the processed food industry has defended sugar as a harmless substance that provides crucial energy (calories). All calories are the same, they claim, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. But as harmful as excess sugar is, I am firmly convinced that processed seed oils are exponentially worse — in my estimation a 10 times greater driver of chronic disease than sugar is.

The primary culprit is an omega-6 fat called linoleic acid (LA), which acts as a metabolic poison when consumed in excess. It causes severe oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction — two drivers of most disease processes.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Much of the damage is incurred by advanced lipid oxidation end products (ALEs) and oxidized LA metabolites (OXLAMs), which form when your body digests the LA and breaks it down. OXLAMs, for example, are known to be cytotoxic, genotoxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic, thrombogenic, atherogenic and obesogenic.8 In other words, OXLAMs is a contributor to most lethal conditions.

LA also gets incorporated into your cells and stays there up to seven years. Sugar, on the other hand, is used up and depleted rather quickly once you cut it out. So, seed oils pose a far more persistent and long-term threat to your health. For this reason, I believe eliminating them will also take you the farthest.

Unhealthy Diets Have Ravaged Public Health

Seed oils were introduced into the U.S. diet in 1866. Before that time, most people got no more than 2% to 3% of their calories from omega-6 LA. By 2010, LA made up 32% of Americans’ diet. This amounts to about 80 grams per person per day,9 and you’re likely to experience problems if you exceed 10 grams a day. Disease statistics bear this out. Six in 10 Americans have a chronic disease,10 as do more than half of all children!11

There’s nothing normal about that. It simply shouldn’t be. The COVID pandemic has also shown us just how important basic health is when facing infectious threats. The vast majority of those who died from COVID — 94% — had an average of 2.6 comorbidities or preexisting health conditions that contributed to their deaths.12

Two Strategies to Optimize Your Health

Considering the profound damage they cause, eliminating seed and vegetable oils from your diet should be a first step if you want to improve your health. This includes soy, canola, sunflower, grapeseed, corn, safflower, peanut and rice bran oil. I even advise caution when using olive oil and avocado oil.

Restaurant meals are just as bad as fast food. If you eat out a lot, even if you don’t frequent fast food joints, you’re undoubtedly eating unhealthy amounts of seed oils.

Not only are both commonly adulterated with cheaper seed oils, but even when they’re pure and of high quality, they’re still loaded with LA. So, if you like these oils, I would strongly encourage you to limit your intake to 1 tablespoon per day or less. In my view, olive oil is not a magic bullet and if you are already consuming 80 grams of LA per day, it will only worsen, not improve, your health. To avoid these harmful oils:

  • Don’t cook with them
  • Avoid store-bought processed foods and condiments
  • Avoid fast food
  • Avoid regular restaurant food

Many don’t realize that restaurant meals are just as bad as fast food. They’re typically made with processed ingredients that are loaded with seed oils. So, if you eat out a lot, even if you don’t frequent fast food joints, you’re undoubtedly eating unhealthy amounts of seed oils.

Fried foods, dressing and sauces are key culprits, but conventionally raised chicken and pork are also very high in LA (due to them being fed LA-rich corn and soy), and therefore best avoided. If you do eat out, here are a few healthy guidelines to live by:

  • Only eat food cooked in butter
  • Don’t take any salad dressing, as most if not all commercial dressing contains seed oil
  • Don’t use olive oil, as it’s extremely likely to be adulterated with seed oil. If you do, use one that is not adulterated, but limit use to 1 tablespoon per day
  • Avoid chicken and pork
  • Don’t eat fake meat products like Impossible Burger — all of the fat in these meat substitutes come from seed oils!

Another strategy that pays off big is time-restricted eating. This is a form of intermittent fasting where you eat all your meals within a six- to eight-hour window each day. Your last meals should be at least three hours or more before bed.

Mass Manipulation Exposed

So, how did we get into a situation where half the population struggles with chronic illness? As noted by Nolan, few things have been studied more than the psychology of human behavior, and, of course, once you understand human psychology and behavior, you can manipulate and control them.

And when we look at what various groups and industries are doing — media, politics, finance, medicine, the food industry — “they are basically disabling our natural abilities,” Nolan says. They’re disabling our ability to think properly, to maintain our health and connect spiritually.

Has this been done intentionally? Nolan believes the answer is yes. Either way, we have to be just as intentional and dedicated to the truth as these industries are to deception. They have formidable advantages right now. They have an enormous bullhorn, and can censor in a way that’s unprecedented. But it’s a fragile advantage, because propaganda cannot stand up to the truth, especially when it’s experienced first-hand.

Look at all the millions of people who chose to listen to frontline doctors who said COVID could be treated and successfully recovered. The mainstream media cannot pull the wool back over their eyes, no matter what they say.

I believe a key part of the answer, moving forward, will be to build communities of like-minded people. We all need support, and there’s strength in numbers. You also need to separate from mainstream media. They are lying to you, 24/7, so why give them your time? There’s only 24 hours in a day, so spend your time wisely.

As for how to address relationships with people who are still neck deep in propaganda, I would warn against severing important relationships by badgering them. The brainwashing has been extraordinarily effective, and it can take time to break through.

In closing, if you are so inclined, get involved in local politics, local or state boards. We desperately need people who are dedicated to health and freedom. For many decades, government and government agencies have become infiltrated by people whose aims are to destroy humanity and society as we know it. Many business leaders are also participating in this “Great Reset,” so we need to build parallel economies and social structures that don’t include them.

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