Take Years Off Your Life in Weeks With Advice From ‘Younger You’


Aging is inevitable, but a new book from Dr. Kara Fitzgerald indicates she’s found a way to turn back some of the effects of aging. In her new book, Younger You, Dr. Fitzgerald shows how you can take years off your age in just a couple months.

Of course, there’s a big difference between chronological age and biological age. Chronological age moves forward day by day; there’s nothing you can do about the march of time. But biological age is different. Your bio age is measured by how your genes are expressed through epigenetics. To be clear, epigenetics is the study of how behavior and environment can change the way genes work without altering their genetic code. Unlike time, bio age is not inevitable. And according to Dr. Fitzgerald, it’s not genetics that determines your age and level of health, it’s epigenetics.

“What we have come to understand is that most chronic diseases share a common underlying cause: aging. In fact, your biological age is the single biggest risk factor for all the major diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and dementia,“ says Dr. Fitzgerald. “While this may seem like a downer, there is great news here, and it is this: Research is just beginning to show that your biological age can actually move in reverse.”

Take Years Off Your Life in Weeks With Advice From 'Younger You'
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Putting your biological age in reverse

In Younger You, the doctor puts forward a plan that uses diet and lifestyle changes to turn back the bio clock.

She says: “The reason our study is so exciting is that it is the very first of its kind to show that you can effect significant changes on your biological age through diet and lifestyle changes alone. No shots of artificial hormones. Or pharmaceuticals that are expensive and carry their own unpleasant side effects. Not even high doses of nutrients in supplement form. Just. Food. (And sleep, and exercise, and relaxation, but nothing beyond the pale of what most folks consider to be basic self-care.)”

In a study done for Younger You, participants were able to reduce their bio age by just over three years in only eight weeks. See what the advice can do for you.

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