Study Reveals Top Kink Preferences Among Couples in 2024


Thanks to an uptick in sex positivity in recent years, it’s easier than ever for couples to feel comfortable sharing their innermost desires with their partners and getting spicy in the bedroom. Yet, many still may be wondering how their own relationships stack up.

To get an idea of the intimacy preferences of modern couples, Bumble’s Official app—which helps build stronger relationships through mood check-ins and date planning—surveyed over 4,000 users for its annual Year in Love report. The findings help glean insights on relationship trends that popped in 2023 and how couples are connecting in the year ahead.

The data also breaks down an interesting divide between Gen Z and their Millennial and Gen X counterparts. For example, when it comes to kink, Gen Z seem to be much more tame, preferring sexual activities such as bathing together, sex in the shower, and at-home spa days; with cuddling taking the top spot. 

Gen Z respondents were also more hesitant to introducing toys in the bedroom, with just 43 percent saying they’re open to it; compared to 54 percent Millennial and Gen X couples who were already doing so. Pink fuzzy cuffs landed at the top of the list as far as intimacy toys used by couples in 2023.

Millennials and Gen Xers are also more adventurous in the bedroom when it comes to their favorite sex positions, revealing that they are half as likely to prefer the missionary position compared to Gen Z. 

Overall, Americans’ favorite sex positions were revealed to be kneeling (74 percent), face-to-face (72 percent), right angle (70 percent), cowgirl (59 percent), and cunnillingus (56 percent). On the other hand, Americans’ least favorite sex positions are apparently doggy style (53 percent), sixty-nine (52 percent), and anal (50 percent).

You can see the top five kink preferences across all respondents, below:

  1. Continuing after orgasm 
  2. Doing it on a balcony
  3. Having sex while playing video games
  4. Waking each other up with oral sex
  5. Working out together while naked 

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