Stephen A. Smith Pits Stuart Little Vs. Ratatouille in a Fight in Hilarious Clip


If there are two things to know about Stephen A. Smith, it’s that you’ll never trip him up him with a “gotcha” question and that the man knows his Disney Pixar movies. As such, while soliciting questions from fans for his popular YouTube show on Monday, Smith gave one silly query his full attention, breaking it down in a three-minute clip.

The 56-year-old sports talk host was asked who he thought would win in a street fight: the titular Stuart Little from the 1999 live-action animated comedy loosely based on the 1945 E. B. White novel of the same name; or Ratatouille, seemingly referencing the animated rat “Remy” voiced by Patton Oswalt in the 2007 Pixar film.

However, Smith seemed borderline insulted by the simplicity of the theoretical question. “That’s an easy one, it’s Ratatouille,” he said, perplexingly pronouncing the name of the movie “Ratatou-lay.”

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) February 6, 2024

“Y’all didn’t know? Listen, listen, when you think about Stuart Little versus Ratatouille,” he pointed out, asking if you were a boxer or UFC fighter, who would you rather get in a fight with. “[Someone] in silk pajamas, that was in a three-story single home, ate a full meal three times a day, and lived a life of comfort … And you were going up against a street dude who’s had to scratch and claw his way through life all his life … Who you putting your money on under those desperate situations?”

“That’s Stuart Little versus Ratatouille. You didn’t think I knew that, you didn’t think I knew that, did you?” Smith gloated. “See, Stuart Little lived in the confines of a nice habitat—posh, affluent lifestyle, comfort, meals, never had to worry about some cheese, never had to worry about any of that stuff.”

“But Ratatouille? That’s them big ass rats in the sewers in the New York subway system,” he continued. “You know, the kind that cats run from. The Ratatouilles of the world are in the New York subway system. They the ones that the only thing that can get them to move is the train. Outside of the train, people roll up to Ratatouilles, he lookin at you up and down like you’re short. ‘What the hell you lookin at?'”

“That’s Ratatouille. Stuart Little ain’t even in Ratatouille’s class,” Smith added. “Ratatouille all day, every day. You heard me, Ratatouille.”

As the saying goes, while there may be no such thing as a stupid question, you’ll never get a stupid answer out of Stephen A. Smith.

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