‘Sopranos’ Star Reveals Kids Have ‘Never Seen’ the Iconic TV Show


Edie Falco, who played matriarch Carmela Soprano on six seasons of HBO’s The Sopranos, revealed to People that her teenage children have “never seen” the classic series. Falco was attending the “Garden of Laughs” comedy event at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Wednesday night when she made the stunning pronouncement.

Falco is mother to two adopted children—son Dylan, 19, and daughter Macy, 16. But the decorated actor explained that neither one has any interest in her most iconic role.

“They’re so over it,” Falco told the outlet. “They’ve never seen it. Either of them.” However, she holds out a hope that one day her kin will take an interest in her three-time Emmy-winning role.

“I hope that maybe someday they will and maybe they’ll like it,” she reflected. “But yeah, they’re not impressed at all.”

Falco went on to explain that her children do have interests in the industry, but “not my work,” she noted. “But the things that I have that are available to them as a result of being my kids, they’re alright with that oddly enough.”

Falco was often regarded as the foundation of The Sopranos’ sprawling cast, even more so than James Gandolfini, playing the show’s ostensible lead.

Mark Kamine, who worked as a location manager on the show and recently wrote a book about his time with the series, described Falco as “fully prepared, always amazingly and instantly in character. She [was] nothing but an admirable on-set presence throughout the entire run of the show.”

Falco at times butted heads with Gandolfini, who fell further into addiction as the show went on. Kamine recalled one particular incident in which her co-star’s failure to arrive on set provoked “disgust” from Falco.

After The Sopranos, Falco has gone on to have a successfully varied career. She earned another six Emmy nominations (and one win) for Nurse Jackie, and garnered rave reviews playing Pete Davidson’s mother on Bupkis.

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