Shannon Sharpe Blasts Kim Mulkey After LSU’s March Madness Loss


Louisiana State University and the University of Iowa have been two of the biggest names in women’s college basketball to watch thanks to breakout stars like Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark. On April 1, the two teams faced off in the Elite Eight of this year’s March Madness tournament, with Iowa coming out on top and eliminating LSU. 

Sports commentator and three-time Super Bowl champ Shannon Sharpe had a lot to say about LSU’s loss, which could potentially have been Angel Reese’s last college game ever. After the game, he shared his unvarnished thoughts on the work of LSU head coach Kim Mulkey and pulled no punches in his criticism. 

Kim Mulkey did a terrible job at coaching because they did nothing to get the ball out of [Clark’s] hands,” Sharpe opined. “Look at how UConn approached [USC guard] Juju Watkins [in their Elite Eight game]. She got the ball [and] they blitzed her. You mean to tell me, Caitlin Clark, who arguably is one of the greatest shooters in college history, you go under the screen?” 

“There is no possible way you rehearsed that,” he continued. “I’m going to say Kim Mulkey, she coached them to go over the screen and that was just them going under the screen.”

“I just didn’t see enough adjustments,” he concluded. “One of two things needed to happen: you make her a scorer or you make her a facilitator, but you can’t let her do both.”

The Iowa Hawkeyes advance to the Final Four and will play against UConn on April 5. Regardless of the tournament’s final outcome on April 7, Clark is already committed to joining the WNBA draft on April 15 and is in the midst of fielding a lucrative Big3 offer from Ice Cube

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